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Allow specifying the package folder for a project


Not a new problem, but still not properly handled/resolved so I create this issue.

Basically what we want is "allowing the packages.config file in each project to specify an optional <installPath> element. If it is present, it will install all the packages referenced by that project into the specified path (relative to that packages.config file). If it isn't present, it falls back to the solution level install path." (copied from a forum disscussion)

Without this feature, a project shared by multiple solutions from different directories just does not play well with Nuget, especially when Nuget Package Restore is enabled. There have been numerous disscussions on this so I just name a few here:

But they didn't seem to catch Nuget team's eyes.

IMHO, one of the design problem of Nuget in its early stage was that too many configurations were put on the solution level rather than the project level. So when it comes to the real world, where solution-project has a many-to-many relationship, a lot of mess occurs.


getfuzzy wrote Mar 13, 2014 at 4:49 AM

I'd agree with this, as I've now run up against it :)

Here is another post that looks related...