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[NuGet 2.7] New package restore doesn't work with Wix projects


The new package restore workflow doesn't work for Wix (and likely other) project types.
I've attached a repro solution.

When you run NuGet.exe restore on the solution file, you'll notice that the package referenced in the Wix project is not restored.

Expected: The package should be restored.

Further info:
While looking at a fix for #3596, I found out that ProjectInSolution.cs checks if the property ProjectType is 'KnownToBeMSBuildFormat', but this is not the case for Wix projects (and I assume all other projects not known to MSBuild).

My alternative approach as mentioned in the issue above fixes this as well.

Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate
Windows 7
NuGet 2.7RC

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Closed Aug 26, 2013 at 7:26 PM by deepakverma
Verified nuget.exe restore restored packages for the wix project.
Please try the nightly build from here: