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Welcome to the NuGet community testing initiative!
We would like to welcome you for the testing event of the next upcoming NuGet 2.5 release and following are the details


NuGet Testing event days are 3/27 to 3/29, 2013
Please plan to spend some time trying out the upcoming release and share your feedback.
Thank you for making NuGet better.


You can help improve overall quality, usability of NuGet upcoming features for 2.5 release and report any regressions.

Are there any benefits for me?

Yes, in addition to having a chance to influence a feature and help finding a regression, for any bug approved by triage:

  • Your name would be listed in the highest bug finder list .
  • any bug that gets fixed in the release will be listed in the release notes as a “special thanks”
  • we are planning to have NuGet T-shirts for the top finders.

What are the new features?

Click here to see the list of 2.5 features.  Click here to see the full list of work items in the 2.5 release.

How do I prepare my machine ?

  1. Download the pre release NuGet 2.5 build from here and install the vsix.
  2. Download NuGet.exe from here.
  3. You can also download the pre-release version of NuGet Package Explorer from here.
  4. For testing please add as package source and disable NuGet Official package source. Upload packages to to play with it .

How do I cleanup my machine?

After you're done with testing it out, perform the following steps to move back to the released version

  1. Remove nuget source and re-enable NuGet Official package source
  2. Uninstall the pre-release version:
    1. From Visual Studio navigate to Tools->Extensions & updates -> Installed -> All -> Select NuGet Package Manager -> click uninstall
  3. Re-install the released version
    1. From Visual Studio navigate to Tools->Extensions & updates -> Online -> Visual Studio Gallery-> Select NuGet Package Manager -> click install OR
    2. Download and install vsix from here

How can I provide feedback?

You can start a discussion or create an issue while trying out the build.

In the repro of the issue or while starting a discussion please mention in the title 2.5 pre-release build.
This would help us to filter them out quickly. Also sku/version of Visual Studio you are using will be helpful.

You could also start a discussion on NuGet Jabbr room or follow us on Twitter.

NuGet Team

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