Visual studio always unpacks nuget packages when opening my solution

Topics: General
Apr 18, 2014 at 2:19 PM
I have a project that is using a couple of nuget packages which I created myself. I'm hacking around a bit and therefore I replace the assemblies of my nuget packages in the packages folder with newer ones.

When opening the corresponding solution in Visual Studio 2013, I always get the older assemblies back. It turns out that during opening the solution, the nuget packages are unpacked again, overwriting the assemblies that I just copied.

When I build the solution from the command line after doing a nuget update or nuget restore, this does not happen. In this case my solution will use the newer versions of my assemblies.

Can someone explain what exactly is happening and why? And can this behavior be switched off in visual studio and/or switched on in nuget.exe?

Thanks in advance.