vs13 rtm nuget extension doesn't populate project.Type property

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Oct 16, 2013 at 9:26 PM
With vs12 i was using the following logic in my NuGet\Tools\install.ps1 to delete NuGet\Content\mystuff\<.xaml+.xaml.cs or .css+.html+.js files> depending on the current winrt project type.

switch ($project.Type) {
"C#" {  
     $project.ProjectItems.Item("mystuff").ProjectItems.Item("<.css+.html+.js files>")
"JavaScript" {
    $project.ProjectItems.Item("mystuff").ProjectItems.Item("<.xaml+.xaml.cs files>")

In vs13 rtm i'm finding the nuget extension [ 2.7.40911.287 07oct13 ] returns nothing for $project.Type and so instead i'm having to look at using something like if ($project.UniqueName.EndsWith(".csproj")) and else if ($project.UniqueName.EndsWith(".jsproj)) to accomplish this install.ps1 work.

Question - is the loss of $project.Type property in vs13 nuget extension a by design change and if so is there some other property that was intended to replace it? Looking at $project and $project.Properties output i'm not seeing anything.