C#.NET DLL in 'Debug' mode or 'Release' mode in NuGet?

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Sep 28, 2013 at 7:14 PM
Hi NuGet Experts,

As a traditional .NET enterprise developer, I have been developing and building in 'Release' mode to publish the DLLs. However while publishing the DLLs for the open source NuGet, it just occurred to me to consider the pro and cons of publishing the DLLs in 'Release' mode, or for that matter in 'Debug' mode. The key here is that the DLLs are developer tools for the end-users (.NET developers) to use an API?

Having read the following MSDN links:



From the perspective of NuGet (considering the DLLs in NuGet Gallery are meant for the end-developers who might debug while consuming the DLLs), what to publish, the DLL in 'Release' mode or the DLL in 'Debug' mode?

Here's a heads-up that the post is NOT just about the pros and cons of DLL in 'Release' mode/DLL in 'Debug' mode?

Please let a NuGet expert/evangelist answer whether to publish the DLL in 'Release' mode or in 'Debug' mode from the perspective of NuGet, straight from the horse's mouth and DO NOT redirect to me to another post?

Question: What's best for NuGet Release (Please choose either A or B without ambiguity)?

Choose your best Answer:
  • A) DLL in 'Release' mode
  • B) DLL in 'Debug' mode
Please help.

Oct 5, 2013 at 9:56 PM
I like to publish debug in pre-release packages, and Release config in final packages but also include pdb files in the final package.