repositoryPath ignored in Nuget 2.8

The repository path configuration setting is being ignored when using automatic package restore and the setting is specified as instructed in the documentation when using Nuget 2.8. I have create...

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Nuget 2.8 fails to use packageSourceCredentials

With a configured, private and credential secured package source defined in nuget.config, nuget 2.8.50506.491 does not correctly use the provided credentials (provided in plain text). When using...

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Solution-level Packages with dependencies cannot be updated/uninstalled.

Hi, Any solution-level packages with dependencies to other solution-level packages cannot be uninstalled / updated. Repro: Install attached Package Try to uninstall the package with the solu...

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remote name could not resloved

Hi, I am using 2012. I am not able to install any Nuget pkgs from Manage Nuget Packages Please refer attached file for more details. Regards, -Rajeev

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Provide a way to configure a central folder to download/install into

One thing about NuGet that has always been an annoyance with me is the fact that you can't specify a specific directory to install your NuGet packages into. for example, when install jQuery, you...

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NuGet Package Restore not working with authenticated feeds

I have come across a problem whereby I enabled the NuGet Package Restore option in my Visual Studio 2012 solution but the restore fails upon build whenever we have an updated NuGet package from our...

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Nuget Restore/Push Retry

It would be helpful to have a retry flag for the following nuget.exe commands: nuget.exe restore MyProject.sln -RetryCount 3 nuget.exe push MyProject. -Source myrepo -RetryCount 3 Wh...

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NuGet relative paths clash with revision control branching

NuGet embeds relative paths into project (csproj) files. This causes a number of problems, but it's especially a problem when a solution is branched or forked using an RCS. The default is to put...

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3.0 CTP1 : The 'content-type' header must be modified using the appropriate property or method. Parameter name: name

I'm getting this error when checking for updates from

Id #4232 | Release: NuGet 3.0 | Updated: Wed at 11:55 PM by JeffHandley | Created: Jul 22 at 6:45 PM by michaelaird

Uninstall-Package does not remove solution-wide package dependency

I've attached an example with the following content: Package_A 1.0.0 is a package that was installed at project level because of (empty content folder). Package_B 1.0.0 is a dependant on Package_...

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