update fails for missing packages

Scenario You have a large multi-assembly build components use nuget to manage dependencies. All projects are initially setup to reference 1.0 version of a nuget package If during the build projec...

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Add support for embedding ExtensionSDKs

Currently Nuget has a lot of limitations when it comes to handling .design, content files, architecture specific files etc etc. There are hacks to make it work, but they are never great and a pain ...

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LoadedProjects is empty for native projects.

The [Microsoft.Build.Evaluation.ProjectCollection]::GlobalProjectCollection.LoadedProjects works fine for managed, e.g. C# projects, but creating a Universal Apps project structure (in VS 2013 Upda...

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Opening Package Manager Console or nuget package Crashes Visual Studio

Host: Windows 8.1 Enterprise Update 1 Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 Version 12.0.30324.00 Update 2 RC Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.5.51641 Installed Version: Ultimate NuGet Pack...

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mono nuget pack - nuspec relative paths do not add files to NuGet package

On the Mac, relative paths that start with ../ cause nuget pack to not fail to add any files to the NuGet package resulting in the error message: "Cannot create a package that has no dependencies n...

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NuGet.Server: One corrupt package makes entire server unavailable

When the Packages directory of NuGet.Server contains a .nupkg file that cannot be parsed, the whole server becomes unavailable. Accessing the packages feed returns the following exception: <?xml ...

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Install of .nupkg packed with -symbols flag installs from .symbols.nupkg which is missing some files

In our build we want to reference a locally packed nupkg. We also need the symbols nupkg for later publishing - so we do the following: nuget pack EntityFramework.nuspec -OutputDirectory "yyy" -P...

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Package restore not working

This morning we have encountered error with package restore. Package that we usually distribute across different projects could not be restored on other development machines. "An error occurred w...

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NuGet Push Does Not Send Basic Auth Credentials Correctly

NuGet 2.8+ (tested 2.8.0 and 2.8.5) do not send HTTP Basic credentials correctly during push. I'm testing against a ProGet server, and watching the Fiddler output, I see a PUT request from NuGet.ex...

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NuGet Install Dialog says "Download EF 6.0.0" every time

When I am installing a package, NuGet always show this message, even if I don't have EF Package installed. Sometimes the message keep blinking Downloading EF and the normal message: Attach

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