nuget.exe update Solution.sln: No projects found with packages.config.

In my sample of this I have used slightly different names, so sorry if the text content of the sample output differs slightly for this reason. Create a new Console application in VS. Save and clos...

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Unable to output console to file on OSX

I'm not sure if it's a nuget or a mono issue. but I'm trying to run mono NuGet.exe list -Source -AllVersions > ./myfile.txt and unfortunately this will loop indefinitely unti...

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Unable to run CreateNewNuGetPackageFromProjectAfterEachBuild

PM> Install-Package CreateNewNuGetPackageFromProjectAfterEachBuild -Version 1.8.3 Installing 'CreateNewNuGetPackageFromProjectAfterEachBuild 1.8.3'. Install failed. Rolling back... The source at...

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When updating solution and project packages together, old solution packages are not deleted

Visual Studio 2013 Update 3, NuGet 2.8.50313.46 extension, 100% repro: Create a new blank solution Create a new Console Application (.NET 4.5.1) Install an old version of a project package, like E...

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Uninstalling or reinstalling files is very slow

I've noticed that uninstalling or reinstalling a package containing files in the content directory takes much longer than it should to remove the files. It's very confusing, as it seems to start of...

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disablesourcecontrolintegration does not work in %APPDATA%\NuGet\Nuget.config

Although howarddierking wrotes in the close comment of this issue that it should work it doesn't work right now. I have to set disablesourcecontrolintegration in the NuGet.config of the solution. T...

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NuGet.Server - sporadic NullReferenceException inside NuGet.Server.PackageService.DownloadPackage

Hi, We have an internal NuGet feed built with the 2.8.3 NuGet.Server the standard way ( I am occasionally seeing 404s in the IIS logs for requests such as: /NugetWebFeed/nuget/...

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Make the machine level max cache configurable

It is currently 200. I have a big hard drive and little bandwidth. Can we have that as a config setting please

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NuGet.Build package doesn't pack .targets file in tools\build directory

The .targets file for the NuGet.Build package is being packed into the \tools directory rather than the \tools\build directory. This results in NuGet not adding the .targets files to projects autom...

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Nuget.exe gives error when trying to pack files with no extensions

We have the following in the nuspec file: <files> ... <file src="X_Dir\no_extension_file" target="Y_Dir" /> ... </files> When running Nuget.exe Pack on this nupsec file, it gives the follo...

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