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Second user on same machine cannot use nuget


This problem typically appear on Linux using mono where environment variable TMP is set to /tmp.

There is a directory in $TMP created with a fixed name. This is a problem when several users try to use nuget.

See file: src/Core/Packages/OptimizedZipPackage.cs
        private static readonly IFileSystem _tempFileSystem = new PhysicalFileSystem(Path.Combine(Path.GetTempPath(), "nuget"));
The first user will own $TMP/nuget. The second user will fail to create files in that directory.

Also the error message will not be useful to most users.
Installing 'ObjectDumper'.
Could not find a part of the path "/tmp/nuget/d2qvcei8.s0l/lib/net35-Client/ObjectDumper.dll".
Work-around is to set environment variable TMP to a path other than /tmp.