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proxy authentication issue


A customer of mine has different proxies for reaching internal resources or internet.

Basically nuget and TFS must use different credentials. Therefore after giving the proxy credentials to nuget, I access to tfs automatically because the .csproj needs to be modified. This changes the credentials to the TFS ones and nuget is no more able to download the package.

The current workaround (found by a coworker) was to create an authentication file on the local machine for nuget. This way nuget always get the credentials stored from the file and it works.

Obviously this workaround is a mess because the configuration for every new developer is crap. Of course every developer has different credentials (which must be renewed regoularly) therefore a centralized setting cannot be shared for all the users.

My proposed solution (agreed also by Jeff Handley I discussed with):
After a login failed situation, nuget should persist in the credential store its own credentials ignoring from that point on the visual studio (current thread/principal) credentials.