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7 hours for update-package -reinstall


Due to some people throwing away references created by nuget we had to do Update-Package -reinstall in the package management console and it ran for 7 hours (and failed to add system.web references, but that's another story)

The solution has 10 projects, All of them have a packages.config file. 2 of the projects have a packages.config with content:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<packages />
In total there are 420 packages to be installed. The biggest project has 69 packages installed

The packages all get pulled from an internal NugetGallery feed over https and the issue does not seem to be caused by the feed server. Http requests take about 0.1 seconds to complete (checked with fiddler).

Plugins in Visual studio:
As a side note: update-Package takes 45 minutes on some solutions with many packages installed (even when there is nothing to update)
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it took less than 5 mins to update four projects with around 200 packages installed.


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