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Install-project command is ignoring already installed packages for the solution/projects


It looks like a change to the NuGet client inadvertently broke the customer scenario outlined below. We should revert back to the old behavior where Install-package without a version wouldn't grab latest if another version was already in the solution.

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I'm trying to run say

install-project automapper

And I already have automapper installed in other projects for this solution. Nuget in it's smartness is just ignoring that fact and installing the latest version on this project. This could affect multiple versions back, I just haven't done this in awhile.

Expected behavior (and how it's worked in the past): Reference the existing package, and perform other install operations against the project on that existing package. Don't try to go get a new one.
Closed Mar 13, 2013 at 9:10 PM by dotnetjunky
No there was no change. We never wanted to do that.