nuget package restore doesn't restore content files


I ran into a tough glitch yesterday with regards to NuGet packages in a downloadable sample. I followed the tip of enabling the project to restore packages, but it seems like restoring a package is not the same as installing a package. Some of the packages in my sample install javascript libraries in the scripts folder during installation. I figured I should delete those script files in addition to deleting the package. However, when I restored the package, the script files were not re-installed. I had to delete the package but leave the script files, which seems like I am breaking the OSS guidelines by essentially re-distributing someone else’s script library. Perhaps by forcing users to at least restore the package, they are agreeing to the NuGet terms and therefore everything is okay.
Closed Mar 7, 2013 at 10:51 PM by dotnetjunky
by design. let's create a new bug to track adding nuget.exe install versus nuget.exe restore.


JeffHandley wrote Mar 6, 2013 at 10:51 PM

This is by design and I don’t think we should consider having “package restore” modify the project in any way. Restore is really meant to just be “don’t check in your packages folder.”

With that said, there is value in having nuget.exe install be able to target a project and install rather than just restore. We has been exploring this space, but I think this bug as is can be closed as By Design. I'll leave it open for the crew to decide during the next triage though.