Installing package from solution-level doesn't target all platforms


When a multi-platform package is being installed from the solution-level package management dialog into multiple projects that target different CLRs/Platforms, the package doesn't get installed in all of them using the appropriate platform binaries.

The package gets installed in all target projects using NET40 binaries for .NET Framework 4.0 projects, using SL4 binaries for Silverlight 4 projects, etc etc.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Create a blank solution and add 2 projects: 1 targets NET40, the other targets SL5.
  2. On the solution level, install the following package in both projects: Microsoft.CompilerServices.AsyncTargetingPack
  3. Notice how it gets installed into the NET40 project, but not in the SL50 project
Note: the package itself looks fine and has binaries for NET40, NET45 and SL50 platforms. When targeting NET40 and SL50 project independently, it installs fine.
Closed Feb 7, 2013 at 11:21 PM by dotnetjunky
We cannot repro this bug. NuGet correctly installs the package into both projects.