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Here are a few awesome tweets from the nuget community…

Note: we stopped updating this page when it became clear that everyone loves NuGet! :)


“#nuget really is great, there isn't really anything else to say” @beddet 28 May 2012

“@nuget thanks, guys, for #NuGet. It's cool! :)” @machulav 21 May 2012

“Just fell in love with #NuGet all over again...” @adamdriscoll 16 May 2012

“Just wanted to say THANKS to #NuGet for making life so easy. Now new developers can just get latest version and they're rolling. Niiice.” @jeremylikness 14 May 2012

“I am loving the #nuget package manager.” @robby_peterson 13 May 2012

“Updated my NuGet.targets replacement that checks for nuget.exe in %PATH% instead of in the .nuget folder:” @halfogre 2 May 2012

“I'm kind of amazed at how much #nuget is a part of my day to day coding and process, considering it was an unknown a year ago” @robwetzeler 26 Apr 2012

“oh my freaking god. using #nuget for the first time. so... much... win.” @arggrande 24 Apr 2012

“You really start appreciating the power of #nuget even more, once you have to install a non nugetted package” @kristofrennen 23 Apr 2012

“#nuget has to be one of the best additions for VS 2010 so far. I love things that "just work".” @vinbrown2 20 Apr 2012

“Any. Net developers not using #Nuget to consume and share common libraries, I recommend you start to do so. It's very good!” @stodgeparty 6 Apr 2012

“If it's not on #Nuget, it's not a good library. Period :)” @martinobordin 5 Apr 2012

“Working on a new project from scratch. I forgot how great #nuget is!” @IDeplorable 5 Apr 2012

“Had to prep a presentation about using #NuGet for internal dev. Hard to believe it's gotten even easier to use! Presentation was a snap!” @ErikNoren 4 Apr 2012

“before Nuget there was darkness #visualstudio #nuget” @filip_woj 23 Mar 2012

“After the joy of #NuGet in #vs, it's so painful to have to manually download HTMLAgilityPack to use in LINQPad.” @Schabse 22 Mar 2012

“I am totally hooked on the #NuGet Package Manager Console!! #vs11” @pprovost 15 Mar 2012

“#NuGet makes life so much easier.” @hugoestr 11 Mar 2012

“#NuGet itself is very useful development tool and now it can be used in CI scenarious without painfull frustrations” @dralligieri 9 Mar 2012

“just used NuGet for the first time. Very nice.” @donpark 6 Mar 2012

“I am such a #NuGet snob these days...if I can't reference it via a package, I don't wanna use it...” @sdgough 6 Mar 2012

“Thank you #Nuget Package Restore - my SVN just went on a diet!” @SwampyFox 6 Mar 2012

“i must admit that #nuget is quite comfortable” @maniserowicz 22 Feb 2012

“Oh yeah, if you're not using #nuget you're doing it all wrong FYI” @barefootcoder 16 Feb 2012

“Loving #nuget feature: "Enable Nuget package restore", no need to check in 3rd party assemblies!” @domenu 15 Feb 2012

“Have I mentioned how awesome #NuGet is?” @brentpabst 15 Feb 2012

“Can I just say that #nuget completely ROCKS! #thatisall” @coach_rob 10 Feb 2012

“Am loving using #NuGet for internal common libraries. Esp with automated publishing to our corporate NuGet server from right from #TFS” @rammesses 10 Feb 2012

“Love how you can integrate third parties easily with #nuget” @stanleyalston 21 Jan 2012

“I love #NuGet 1.6 and its ability to work without the need for packages to be committed to source control!” @MaciekTalaska 21 Jan 2012

“I heart Nuget - that is all” @BrianFarnhill 30 Jan 2012

“Thanks to #nuget I added #Elmah into the Koodr website in less than a minute. Writing this tweet takes more time ;)” @Chuhukon 18 Jan 2012

“I can barely remember how painful it was to use open source projects before #nuget. Ohh right, I didn't back then!” @MikaelEliasson 18 Jan 2012

“Thank god for @nuget. #nuget #ftw.” @aredkid 14 Jan 2012

“Have I enumerated how many ways I love #nuget? No?” @Senkwe 12 Jan 2012

“Today I discovered it's surprisingly easy to create #nuget packages. <1hr from zero knowledge to a complete working package. Impressed.” @damovisa 10 Jan 2012

“When I see a new library for dev, my first thought is "Is there a #nuget package for this?". How quickly it becomes part of the mind set.” @WestDiscGolf 10 Jan 2012

“Thank you #NuGet for allowing me to add packages to gitignore. My #GIT repo will be happy (even after 100 updates of referenced libs).” @Scooletz 7 Jan 2012

“Love starting a new project with #nuget. 2 minutes and I'm up and running with 4 packages. Trying out Caliburn on this project.” @bsimser 5 Jan 2012

“#nuget is just bloody awesome. 2 seconds: new project and all of White, nunit, castle, bricks, log4net installed and interdependent. amazing” @nburdy 4 Jan 2012

“Loving #NuGet!” @md_oppenheimer 3 Jan 2012

“I have little experience with #dotNet, so discovering #NuGet was like revelation Anybody uses it? #happy” @Smoczysko 30 Dec 2011

“Just uploaded my first #nuget package. Can't believe how easy it was” @jstawski 29 Dec 2011

“Thank you #nuget for making life easy” @spboyer 27 Dec 2011

“OK, OK, I know it's been around a while now but just how good is #NuGet? Got new MVC 3 project up and running in mins.” @ian_dowhile 23 Dec 2011

“This is freaky cool and almost too easy! Just created a NuGet Web App and uploaded packages to it. Waaay cool! Gr8 work NuGet folks!” @noopman 21 Dec 2011

“At this point if an open source project is not on #nuget I think "Is this project shady? abandoned? obsolete?" before thinking about DL” @detroitpro 20 Dec 2011

“Wow, the #NuGet Package Restore feature seems to be very useful if your project is under source control!” @qmatteoq 17 Dec 2011

“Used #nuget for the first time tonight. Man have I been missing out!! What an amazing tool!” @robinsonb 15 Dec 2011

“we are loving the new #nuget it's #frabjous” @barefootcoder 14 Dec 2011

“I love #NuGet....” @JakeGinnivan 13 Dec 2011

“#nuget has got to be one of the best things to happen to rapid .net development” @TJLesso 8 Dec 2011

“Finally found some time to read about @nuget. #awesome” @KirillOsenkov 5 Dec 2011

“#nuget is helping me a lot these days” @stanleyalston 2 Dec 2011

“#nuget package or it doesn't exist.” @johncoder 30 Nov 2011

“#Nuget just works.” @AntarisZX 30 Nov 2011

“must say, developing for #azure with the help of #nuget, is really fast and efficient..if there were no #nuget, i would probably be fired :)” @bvrhovnik 28 Nov 2011

“The Package Manager Console is a great tool. #nuget” @Sevasmios 28 Nov 2011

“God bless #Nuget !” @timothep 27 Nov 2011

“Busy replacing libraries with #NuGet packages. Works so much better. #awesome” @ErikSchierboom 24 Nov 2011

“#nuget looks awesome!” @lillaegot 18 Nov 2011

“If your stuff isn't on #NuGet I will never try it.” @danielwertheim 17 Nov 2011

“Ah, #nuget. You are so sweet” @erikojebo 14 Nov 2011

“Totalement fan de #nuget ...” @wilfriedwoivre 14 Nov 2011

“Using #NuGet for a new demo project, and loving it.” @KevinDockx 8 Nov 2011

“How have I ignored #NuGet all this time. I must be an idiot” @PsychoCoder 7 Nov 2011

“#NuGet is the .NET buffet you will come back to time and time again. A veritable trough of chewy assemblies.” @oising 5 Nov 2011

“yay for #nuget! basically rubygems for .net peeps” @pragmaticpat 3 Nov 2011

“Wow: for my presentation today I just called #nuget the 9th wonder of the world (8th is compound interest).” @t3rse 3 Nov 2011

“Ah, #NuGet I love the way you make my life so easy. @nugetteam” @robert_greiner 2 Nov 2011

“not sure on how i was able to live without #nuget” @luisabreu 2 Nov 2011

“Love it when a nice #Nuget package turns hours of work into a one liner, sweeeet!” @stevekennaird 2 Nov 2011

“I hope Microsoft include #nuget as standard in the future versions. I don't know what i would do without it :)” @frostfang83 1 Nov 2011

“I love #nuget : adding #moq and getting coffee is still faster than adding it the old-fashioned way.” @QuestMasterNET 29 Oct 2011

“REALLY loving NuGet package manager for Visual Studio. Can't go back to manually managing dependencies.” @Mr_Peeks 28 Oct 2011

“I have to say, NuGet is quite useful.” @MarkXA 26 Oct 2011

“After using #NuGet for a day, I don't see how I ever lived without it. Makes life so much easier.” @hambonious 26 Oct 2011

“I love #nuget . I can get a project up and running in 30 mins. Case in point” @MatthewErbs 26 Oct 2011

“I love #nuget. Between it, #powershell, #uppercut and #cruisecontrol, I don't know how I ever developed .NET software prior to last year.” @Kintar1900 25 Oct 2011

“#Nuget è una figata. period. soprattutto se lavori in team. period. ma anche se no. period.” @robymes 25 Oct 2011

“#Nuget is seriously the coolest thing ever. (Not to discount the Web Platform Installer).” @staticvoidmain 24 Oct 2011

“#Nuget - just too cool for words!” @AllenOwen 19 Oct 2011

“Every VS dev should publish a nuget package - you'll love nuget even more afterwards! #nuget” @slodge 15 Oct 2011

“I <3 you, #NuGet.” @jkercado 12 Oct 2011

“#NuGet rocks. That is all.” @cwhellams 12 Oct 2011

“If you are not using #Nuget then you need a good excuse why not !! #CrackingTool !” @brucemcmillank3 10 Oct 2011


“@lachlanhardy @Kimota NuGet is what the .NET world needed from like the beginning. Our Web dev tools team rock” @NickHodgeMSFT 4 Oct 2011

“You only realize how big a change #nuget was for .net, when you're faced with a project that doesn't use it. Downloading source - booo!” @benfosterdev 3 Oct 2011

“Just created my first internal NuGet repository for sharing code. Can't believe how easy that was! #kaizen” @carlschrammel 30 Sep 2011

“LOVIN' #NuGet :)))))” @AnonyOuss 30 Sep 2011

“Thank you #NuGet - you fixed my dependency woe's!! ;-)” @paul_kohler_au 27 Sep 2011

“I hope #nuget becomes pre-installed with the next version of VS. I can't image developing without it!” @vincpa 24 Sep 2011

“Have I mentioned that #nuget rocks? I never really groked it before but a couple of Install-Package commands later I'm hooked...” @davidgladstone 23 Sep 2011

“#Nuget makes me happy!” @eaphis 22 Sep 2011

“Never thought that implementing Nuget.Core in your own project would be this easy. This is awesome. #nuget #magicunicorns” @omelhus 20 Sep 2011

“#nuget is truly wonderful. One stop shopping for what I need.” @itdnext 19 Sep 2011

“Creating NuGet packages to ease creation of new sites within an organisation. #Nuget is gonna make my day !!” @VanVlaenderenP 15 Sep 2011

“#NuGet is a saving grace.” @emarinko 12 Sep 2011

“love NuGet that is all!” @philipbeadle 1 Sep 2011

“#Nuget 1.5 is really cool. Thanks for making it awesome guys. More importantly, the upgrades are always smooth and bug free! #Kudos” @iteration1 31 Aug 2011

“Thanks to #nuget my solution is down to 21 projects from 33. Builds and tests faster and will be more reliable to deploy” @stimms 26 Aug 2011

“Did I mention that i love #NuGet?” @thedersen 23 Aug 2011

“After using @nuget going back to legacy methods to manage libs is EXTREMELY painful.” @imcode 22 Aug 2011

“I love Nuget. Setting up new projects is so much easier now. How did we ever manage without it. #nuget #rocks” @GunnerMichael 20 Aug 2011

“nuget is awesome... each new release makes it even more awesome :)” @stacyandrews 16 Aug 2011

“Really enjoying the ease of an internal #nuget server to share code.” @eaphis 16 Aug 2011

“I love #NuGet!” @Carlos__Rodrigo 16 Aug 2011

“NuGet makes C# package management so easy, what a powerful tool! #NuGetFTW” @Schmehil 15 Aug 2011

“Every day that passes I love #NuGet even more. For Mvce, TinyMCE takes two clicks to install and configure, SassAndCoffescript takes one! :D” @toreler 15 Aug 2011

“How I feel when I add a rock solid #NuGet package to my app #itsworking” @tylerbrinks 14 Aug 2011

“#nuget è veramente una figata...” @amelchiori 11 Aug 2011 (Translation: #nuget is really pretty cool ...)

“#NuGet é lindo demais!!!!” @DouglasAguiar 8 Aug 2011 (Translation: #NuGet is too beautiful!!!)

“#NuGet es tremendo, no puede ser mas facil de usar...” @Carlos__Rodrigo 7 Aug 2011 (Translation: Nuget is tremendous, it cannot be easier to use ...)

“NuGet rox!” @philipbeadle 3 Aug 2011 (Translation: Nuget rocks!)

“#NuGet is truly awesome” @johnstovin 27 Jul 2011

“@haacked as a #nuget n00b, I can tell you that I love it bcs it makes oss SO easy to plug into a prj! Thank you (et al) 4 klr/helpful tool!” @ScottKFraley 26 Jul 2011

“We have installed and adopted #Nuget using also #TFS Build and CI with internal RSS. It is simply unbelievable awesome! Great job guys! #fb” @Raffaeu 26 Jul 2011

“Loving the look of #nuget it's awesome to see .Net embracing code sharing more.” @ceilingfish 25 Jul 2011

“Hey, #NuGet! You tha man!” @_caseywatson 15 Jul 2011

“#nuget is driving the adoption of open source projects in the #dotnet community. It's easier to use than to install/distribute commercial X.” @nathanpalmer 15 Jul 2011

“hah! there is even an FTP lib in the #nuget feed. #Awesome. #nuget is quickly becoming my number one source for .net libs” @Danthar 15 Jul 2011

“Creating #Nuget packages is so easy. Congrats to the Nuget team! Awesome job!” @breno_ferreira 14 Jul 2011

“i <3 #nuget, if you haven't used it, do it.” @frostfang83 13 Jul 2011

“I <3 #nuget. How did I ever develop without you. #romanticising #software” @aredkid 11 Jul 2011

“what can I say, #nuget does its job , adding libraries to a project is bliss” @sapiensworks 10 Jul 2011

“Seriously, the kind of dependency crap that #nuget solves out-of-the-box is something that noone should have to fix by hand, ever. PERIOD!” @federicolois 7 Jul 2011

“Loving #nuget - makes sucking everything you need into a solution a breeze!” @wzowee 7 Jul 2011

“#nuget is a bless” @andysal74 7 Jul 2011

“Very impressed with #nuget - life just got a whole lot easier.” @JohnJKerr 6 Jul 2011

“The #NuGet package publish is incredible & easy. Both command line & GUI are exceptional. Job well done to @haacked & team.” @JBillmann 5 Jul 2011

“They guys who created Nuget should get a medal. Seriously. cc: @davidebbo @haacked @scottgu” @Avodovnik 3 Jul 2011

“I must say, #NuGet is awesome. Wanted to download #RestSharp...hmm I wonder if it is on nuGet is! Success.” @PeteHaas 1 Jul 2011

“I <3 the new version of Nuget.” @jonincalgary 30 Jun 2011

“Dear #NuGet, You are pure awesome and I can't tell you that enough. Sincerely, Me.” @JeffHandley 29 Jun 2011

“I'm already at the point where if a library is not on #NuGet I feel like I shouldn't be using it.” @Wolfbyte 29 Jun 2011

“I love #Nuget! Aweasome job by the Microsoft team!” @flaviotsf 29 Jun 2011

“Think NuGet is only for Visual Studio (or IDE)? Think again...” @coding4fun 29 Jun 2011

“#NuGet - making life easier for us devs,” @jskeats 28 Jun 2011

“#nuget is starting to feel like the cookie jar inside Visual Studio. Just one more...must resist!” @Daxaar 24 Jun 2011

“I <3 #NuGet...” @DuCKaroy 23 Jun 2011

“The new solution wide management for #NuGet is fantastic. Friction reduced... bravo!” @malawto 22 Jun 2011

“I feel like I should've said this a while ago, but #nuget is like the greatest thing ever...” @jcreamer898 21 Jun 2011

“awesome to see how the community is embracing #nuget” @xavierdecoster 20 Jun 2011

“#Nuget is the best software tool for developers to come out of Microsoft in years, perhaps EVER!” @EddyRecio 20 Jun 2011

“I think #NuGet 1.4 is the version that finally makes it usable in the Enterprise out-of-the box. Great job guys, major kudos!” @drub0y 17 Jun 2011

“I like #NuGet, 1 cool binary repository and dependency mgmt tool, well integrated to VStudio. Hosted on #Codeplex” @AboutMess 16 Jun 2011

“#nuget completes me.” @adamwitko 16 Jun 2011

“I freaking love #nuget! Presented it to dev team and it's blown everyone away. Implementing an internal feed ASAP” @followjimbobdog 9 Jun 2011

“@RobA2345 #nuget is very awesome, makes it amazingly easy to get and install .NET libraries” @Tegud 9 Jun 2011

“I finally get #nuget, was just about to write email functionality into my blog engine but looked for a package instead, one line done” @RobA2345 9 Jun 2011

“Updating #jquery with #nuget is so freaking awesome feature! Good work!” @rafek 9 Jun 2011

“#nuget is awesome - it is like AppStore for Visual Studio. I am seriously impressed how easy it is to use” @ithastheanswer 7 Jun 2011

“Dear #Nuget : I love you. The End. #in” @FelixMM 2 Jun 2011

“#nuget is really sweet; it's so easy to pull all the usual dependencies even for a simple test application.” @markusjohnsson 2 Jun 2011

“How did I manage to survived so long without #NuGet?” @molant 29 May 2011

“I am NOT downloading any more third party assemblies and do that manual crap.. If it is not in #nuget, i dont use it!!! #lazybuthappycoder” @fdibartolo 29 May 2011

“#nuget is cool #dev @nugetteam” @dannygnj 29 May 2011

“i love #nuget! makes my life so much easier.” @abryanconrad 27 May 2011

“can the #nuget project save .net open source?” @jflanagan 27 May 2011

“been playing with #NuGet . sweet tool I must say! Easy to host server and create packages . ultimate intro: .” @knutkj 23 May 2011

“I <3 #nuget -- if that's wrong, I don't want to be right” @jglozano 23 May 2011

“OMG #NuGet is freaking awesome - Update jquery click a button and smile. And I mean SMILE BIG :) gratz guys” @goodisontoffee 21 May 2011

“#NuGet is awesome” @francmichal 21 May 2011

“Every time I use #nuget I continue to be wowed by just how useful it is. Using OSS libs used to be a pain in .Net, now it's so freakin' easy” @anurse 20 May 2011

“#NuGet just gave me goose bumps. Installed #SilverLight Integration Pack for EntLib 5 in a single click. Go go gadget logging!” @jacksonakj 20 May 2011

“#Nuget has #tigerblood - best idea ever.” @atoast 19 May 2011

“#nuget is awesome” @simonech 16 May 2011

“Two minutes into my morning code session and I'm already singing praises to #NuGet” @steven_testa 14 May 2011

“just used #nuget to install Combres to combine and minify my css and js files. I'm feeling the #nuget love” @SimonHolman 13 May 2011

“NuGet has really enabled Microsoft to get away from big bang releases and release libraries more continuously” @mikaellundin 12 May 2011

“I really love #NuGet. not only for easing the use of external libs but even more for making organization of private libs work like a charm” @AlexZeitler 12 May 2011

“#NuGet is amazing!” @bellinat 12 May 2011

“I so love #nuget! Looking for #azure appabric caching? Install-Package WindowsAzure.Caching. Tadaa!” @maartenballiauw 12 May 2011

“I know I'm a bit behind the times, but #NuGet is quite awesome.” @danclien 11 May 2011

“#nuget is ideal for courses, love it. You may put your code ready to use within a package, and that's it. #SuccessStory” @darioquintana 10 May 2011

“Ok, nu-get! I hath discovered thy power and shall incorporate all of my days. #nuget” @McShauno 10 May 2011

“Made my first #nuget package the other day. LOVE IT! cc/ @haacked” @jasonmw 10 May 2011

“Starting to really enjoy #NuGet ... just installed the #EFTracingProvider and had sample up and running in under a minute :)” @MarkBlomsma 9 May 2011

“Ah #nuget... how did I ever do .Net before you came along?” @aredkid 7 May 2011

“God damn I love #NuGet!” @DuCKaroy 7 May 2011

“Just built my first #NuGet package and installed it in a VS project. Nice and easy!” @jens_mikkelsen 5 May 2011

“It's hard to imagine life before #nuget” @KodefuGuru 5 May 2011

“#Nuget is simply one of the best things since sliced bread.” @_liamb 5 May 2011

“My favorite part of starting a new .NET project is heading to the #nuget candy store.” @rodh257 5 May 2011

“It took me a while to feel comfortable with #NuGet - but it's really grown on me. I just grabbed the latest #coding4funToolkit” @KevDaly 5 May 2011

“#nuget packages are so easy to create that if it is not on nuget then it's clearly not an actively maintained project. So I don't use it.” @richardgrundy 4 May 2011

“Nuget has made me so lazy. "Really? You want me to download your shit, unzip it, and add a reference?"” @nzben 4 May 2011

“I think that after #csharp, #aspnetmvc and #resharper, #NuGet is the best thing that happened to me as a developer.” @zebishop 4 May 2011

“NuGet Package Manager is awesome!” @badbrain_ 4 May 2011

“If #Nuget could have my babies it would be painless” @MikeMengell 4 May 2011

“NuGet is AMAZING” @Meligy 3 May 2011

“Is it weird to get giggly every time i do 'Add Library Package Reference' in VS2010? #nuget #winning” @stacyandrews 3 May 2011

“#VisualStudio Building a 5 project solution without typing a single line of code. Using #nuget #powershell and manager console. Sweet!” @ulfbjo 2 May 2011

“#LateToParty #nuget Best thing since just works!” @llblu15 2 May 2011

“Damn, it just works! Replacing all my external dependencies (JavaScript and .NET) with NuGet packages #nuget” @rkruisselbrink 2 May 2011

“If you haven't looked at NuGet, do it now...the real power (IMO) is in corp environments with private NuGet stores #nuget” @ShawnWildermuth 1 May 2011

“Adding libraries is quite fun with #NuGet” @ogborstad 28 Apr 2011

“#Nuget is great...” @RichardWittens 28 Apr 2011

“Damnit, #NuGet.. you got me... I'm hooked.” @odd_todd 28 Apr 2011

“Nice #NuGet is a sort of AppStore for developers! Installs your packages with the minimum effort” @kdboer 28 Apr 2011

“I cannot imagine my life without #nuget now. This must be the major side affect of the NuGet, I guess.” @tourismgeek 28 Apr 2011

“loving the frequency and effortless upgrade of NuGet, would love MS to be able to do same thing with other products” @NathanGloyn 28 Apr 2011

“Nuget Package Manager a very useful Visual Studio 2010 Extension #Nuget #VisualStudio” @DirkStrauss 25 Apr 2011

“Have I mentioned yet this week how much I <3 #NuGet? It's FTW!” @remitaylor 20 Apr 2011

“Even though #nuget has only been around a little while, I think I'm already spoiled.” @johncoder 20 Apr 2011

“#NuGet is brilliant: It makes it incredibly easy to install great open source packages such as #ELMAH or #glimpse. Thanks, @haacked + Team!” @MariusSchulz 20 Apr 2011

“#mix11 demos finally convinced me that #nuget is awesome” @ornatsky 20 Apr 2011

“#nuget: packing and pushing your way to awesomeness.” @johncoder 19 Apr 2011

“NuGet, where have you been all my developer's life? (prepping my #TechDays11 & #DevDays11 demos) #nuget” @jantielens 19 Apr 2011

“I love using #Nuget. Can't help but smile when the magic happens.” @MikeMengell 19 Apr 2011

“Just used #Nuget in anger for the first time on major project, it's the #apt #yum for the #dotnet world, absolutely love it!!!” @DanielMClegg 17 Apr 2011

“#nuget truly is a bliss! demos get way more interesting using it. huzzaa!” @dun3 17 Apr 2011

“BTW it can't be said enough, #NuGet is just freaking awesome. One of the best things I've seen come out of DevDiv.” @JeffHandley 17 Apr 2011

“Just started using #nuget. It is wonderful!” @MarkStarkman 16 Apr 2011

“Alot of good stuff at #NuGet. I realy like that site ( and all it contains.” @xatazch 16 Apr 2011

“Wow! #NuGet is freakin awesome! Win!” @CodeMonkey1 16 Apr 2011

“OK, #NuGet is making me want to stop developing iPhone stuff and get back on the web” @billycoover 15 Apr 2011

“#NuGet is awesome, add 3rd party reference directly from #vs2010 @shanselman” @rugvedvaidya 15 Apr 2011

“am loving #NuGet :-)” @grimorde 15 Apr 2011

“Ok, I officially *love* NuGet. I can't believe the .NET community survived so long without it! #nuget” @aggiekevin 14 Apr 2011

“Just pitched the use of #NuGet in our corporate environment. Ya, I like it that much!” @RollemIra 14 Apr 2011

“Started with #nuget for real, so far I like it very much. Big timesaver and annoyance remover.” @MihaMarkic 14 Apr 2011

“I'm in love with #nuget. <3” @bleedo 12 Apr 2011

“Started to copy a bunch of DLLs to a folder then realized: What the Hell am I doing?? Use NuGet!” @xpaulbettsx 12 Apr 2011

“#Nuget has opened my eyes to some amazing .NET libraries that I've never heard of, like DynamicImage” @BryanMigliorisi 12 Apr 2011

“#nuget - best tool you are not using. #MIX11. Friggin awesome.” @nyclamusician 12 Apr 2011

“#Nuget rocks!! #mix11” @ClaudioASanchez 12 Apr 2011

“Best thing about #nuget is you get just the package libraries and not other random crap that often comes with a full installation.” @kid_kaneda 10 Apr 2011

“#NuGet really impressive.” @gugulethun 9 Apr 2011

“Just installed #nuget for #vs2010. Yes, ok, this is pretty nice.” @ScottWegner 7 Apr 2011

“I'm loving me some #nuget ... Me love you long time.” @jbehren 7 Apr 2011

“I am loving #nuget package installer. gotta build my own, and updating current packages is easy peezy. cc/ @nugetteam” @deleolowoyo 6 Apr 2011

“Gotta luv #Nuget! A breeze to begin with for example a NancyFx app in Visual Studio / WebMatrix.” @joeriks 6 Apr 2011

“If you're Ducking/ Googling/ Binging while developing for the .Net stack. You're doing it wrong. You need to be Nugetting. #nuget #dotnet” @aredkid 4 Apr 2011

“Was there life before #nuget ?” @DeonHeyns 1 Apr 2011

“every single time i use #nuget i feel like giving the team behind it a big "thanks".” 29 Mar 2011

“#nuget is so simple, that a PM can author a package! :)” 28 Mar 2011

“Time for my daily "I love #nuget" tweet.” 28 Mar 2011

“Man I love me some #nuget.” 27 Mar 2011

“NuGet is awesome! #nuget #dotnet” 26 Mar 2011

“I am totally impressed by how easy it was to hook up my #MVC app with #Elmah using #NuGet. #VS2010” 25 Mar 2011

“I am enjoying the nuget package manager console a lot more than the UI #nuget simple just rocks!” 24 Mar 2011

“Its actually easier to manage my own code/libs with #NuGet than trying to include the libraries/projects.” 24 Mar 2011

“#nuget is the best thing since vs2010...or sliced bread, take your pick ;) Love the package explorer too, so easy to create & pub packages” 23 Mar 2011

“In love with #nuget package system for .net.” 22 Mar 2011

“I Love #nuget” 22 Mar 2011

“A pleasure setting up a new codebase today now that #NuGet is on the scene” 22 Mar 2011

“Just created my first nuget package. Now I know what @haacked was making all that fuss about! #NuGet is outstanding!!” 21 Mar 2011

“#NuGet is really cool. It looks like Maven that actually works.” 21 Mar 2011

“Just used #NuGet for the first time, totally awesome!” 19 Mar 2011

“I know I've said this before, but seriously, I love you #NuGet.” 18 Mar 2011

“#NuGet is even more awesome than I thought - I've just found out how easy it is to create a package and also create a local repository.” 18 Mar 2011

“just created my own #nuget server -> liking this more and more every moment!” 17 Mar 2011

“I'm in love with #NUGET the friendly open source package management system for .NET. It simplifies the incorporation of 3rd party libraries.” 17 Mar 2011

“Finally jumped onto the #nuget bandwagon, OMG, this thing is unreal. Awesome work.” 17 Mar 2011

“I don't want to add references anymore. I want to install packages and move on. #NuGet” 16 Mar 2011

“I'm starting to feel like any project worth my time should be up on #NuGet” 16 Mar 2011

“already wondering how did I survive without . #nuget #success #visualstudio” 15 Mar 2011

“NuGet and the WEB PI are two the best things that MS has _ever_ done for developers. Bravo! #nuget #webpi @haacked” 15 Mar 2011

“seriously, if you're *not* using #NuGet you're doing .NET development wrong.” 14 Mar 2011

“updating packages via #nuget, like a breeze :DDDD nice, nice, nice :)” 12 Mar 2011

“Since #NuGet I spend more time USING frameworks than setting them up. Thanks @Haacked and team!” 11 Mar 2011

“Really digging #NuGet. Especially when messing around with sample code, it's awesome to just be able to bring in Moq, Unity etc.. #dotnet” 10 Mar 2011

“Very impressed with #NuGet integration into VS2010...” 9 Mar 2011

“Wow.. i finally got around to installing NuGet tonight.. all i can say is .. F#@K YEAH.. Microsoft is def getting some + vibes from me today” 9 Mar 2011

“Just propped up an internal #NuGet repository for the company. Super easy. Shockingly so...” 8 Mar 2011

“I am delighted to see how many .net libraries now list the installation steps as running a #nuget command” 8 Mar 2011

“Blogged: You Really Should Be Using NuGet -” 7 Mar 2011

“#nuget has been making my life easier this weekend. Sure is nice to be able to run a command from a prompt to add libs to my projects. Thx!” 6 Mar 2011

“#nuget is really the way to share libraries, code sample, and anything else for VS #mvp11” 3 Mar 2011

“Every product team at Msft I interacted with mentioned using #NuGet. If you haven't started using it, it is time to get on board. #mvp11” 3 Mar 2011

“Building some #nuget packages to use internally at our company. They are so easy to set-up! #gottaloveit” 3 Mar 2011

“The power of #NuGet. I just liked it.” 3 Mar 2011

“#nuget is really gaining traction. I hear about so many new Nuget packages each week.” 2 Mar 2011

“Sorry, I was mistaken. NuGet is *beyond* cool. #nuget” 1 Mar 2011

“#iLove #NuGET” 1 Mar 2011

“Starting to wonder how I managed without #nuget -y goodness” 1 Mar 2011

“Holy cow that was easy to get into my app. #nuget rocks! :-)” 26 Feb 2011

“Had a first look at #NuGet. Fantastic” 24 Feb 2011

“I just created and installed my first #nuget package. How can something that easy work???” 24 Feb 2011

“I could write a poem on #Nuget ... really.. It is that good” 23 Feb 2011

“Check out #NuGet a way out of DLL Hell” 21 Feb 2011

“install-package EFCodeFirst | install-package AntiXss | install-package Unity - I'm done in 2 mins. #nuget #awesomeness” 21 Feb 2011

“NuGet is sweet. Has anyone on twitter said that yet? #nuget” 19 Feb 2011

“#VisualStudio + #NuGet = #OpenSource Love” 18 Feb 2011

“#ASP.NETMVC 3 + #NuGet + #SQLCE + #MVCScaffolding = Pure Awesomeness!!!” 18 Feb 2011

“#Nuget is fantastic.” 17 Feb 2011

“Since the launch of #NuGet I keep finding myself asking the question "but is there a NuGet package for it?!"” 16 Feb 2011

“support for #nuget is now one of the checkpoints when I choose library..” 15 Feb 2011

“thanks #NUGET ! you're saving me so much time ;>” 15 Feb 2011

“Blog: Chewie: Bundler for .net... kinda #nuget” 14 Feb 2011

“Finally taken a look at #NuGet and reckon it's going to save me hours of my life.” 14 Feb 2011

“Publishing releases as ZIP files, etc, seems so ancient compared to #Nuget” 13 Feb 2011

“Nice to have spent time playing with #NuGet. This is the way to do things in .NET.” 13 Feb 2011

“Hats off to #NuGet! Making my life much easier.” 12 Feb 2011

“ is a really awesome way of adding third party libraries to your .net projects. #dotnet #nuget” 12 Feb 2011

“I'm really digging this whole new way of distributing stuff to VS users using #nuget. totally awesome :)” 12 Feb 2011

“#NuGet is the bomb - so much more productive than having to run MSI's or extract files from a .zip and reference them.” 12 Feb 2011

“Now that we use #NuGet so much, I wonder how we did without it all these years!” 12 Feb 2011

“Nuget definitely helps with discovering awesome OSS packages. I wish more package authors would start using it.” 11 Feb 2011

“NuGet is pretty awesome - check it out! #nuget” 11 Feb 2011

“If you have internal devs sharing code across projects and you don't have a company NuGet/Gem repo, you're doing it wrong. (sans/submdules)” 10 Feb 2011

“Just used #nuget for the first time. Wow, that was crazy easy!” 8 Feb 2011

“Using #NuGet to install EFCodeFirst. This is what win looks like” 8 Feb 2011

“Just discovered the wonders of NuGet for finding/installing 3rd party .net libraries” 4 Feb 2011

“#NuGet, where have you been all my life, . Managed to find almost all of frameworks in NuGet.” 3 Feb 2011

“Just ran the #mvcscaffolding tools I got via #nuget. My work here is done.” 2 Feb 2011

“What's NuGet Pain-free install = tears of joy streaming down your face.” 29 Jan 2011

“Up and working with #NuGet in less than 5 minutes. Love it! #ItJustWorks” 27 Jan 2011

“#NuGet - where have you been all my life!!” 27 Jan 2011

“I must admit. Even with some headaches, it appears that #Nuget may very well become a way of life for many, it's pretty sweet.” 26 Jan 2011

“I know I'm a little late to this party, but #nuget kicks butt.” 25 Jan 2011

“Wow #nuget is awesome! And I also want elmah for my birthday :)” 24 Jan 2011

“I feel dirty when I have to create a "lib" directory and add a reference in VS now.#nuget FTW” 22 Jan 2011

“...and in other news NuGet is awesome and rocking the house, I have a few more bits I'll be publishing about #azure queues and blobs soon.” 21 Jan 2011

“If your library isn't on #nuget, it doesn't exist :)” 21 Jan 2011

“Adding a #NuGet package to your app is ridiculously easy...” 20 Jan 2011

“Installed #EF Code First via #Nuget, built a quick app using #MVC 3 RTM with the #Razor view engine. It's a good day to be a developer.” 16 Jan 2011

“Using open source libs is damn easy with #Nuget! For 6 months ago I could spend hours downloading and setting them up, now it takes seconds!” 15 Jan 2011

“MvcScaffolding is just amazing! NuGet changing life, the packages were cumbersome to manage now its only one command. Thank MS” 14 Jan 2010

“Creating a #nuget package is fun!” 13 Jan 2010

“NuGet is awesome. Finally, package management for programmers on windows: 11 Jan 2010

“I think #NuGet is probably the best thing since #mvvmlight” 6 Jan 2010

“I really dig #NuGet so far ... Open Library Package Manager ... search RavenDB ... Install ... Done! Way to go Microsoft!” 6 Jan 2010

“If you're a #.Net developer and haven't heard of #NuGet then stop what you're doing right now and check it out: 6 Jan 2010

“I was expecting the default learning curve w/ #NuPack... but there wasn't really one. It does what it says it does and does it well.” 28 Dec 2010

“Gotta love #nuget” 25 Dec 2010

“#nuget is everything I have ever wanted in a vsix relationship” 23 Dec 2010

“#nuget is amazing. Just added NUnit, FakeItEasy, EFCodeFirst and Ninject to my solution in a matter of seconds.” 23 Dec 2010

“Holy mother... I just watched the #NuGet intro video. #mindblown #awesome” 17 Dec 2010

“OK - I'm late to the party but #NuGet is amazing! - more right size LEGO pieces as @shanselmanwould say” 13 Dec 2010

“#nuget is slick. Who cares the idea came from Ruby. Great to be able to search for a library I want to use, with a click its in my proj” 12 Dec 2010

“#NuGet for #VisualStudio rocks!” 9 Dec 2010

“Wow, #NuGet is freaking amazing. Seems like there are still a few kinks to work out but overall, very impressive.” 9 Dec 2010

“I'm really impressed with #Nuget - great job, people! Tonight I will be using it to setup ninject on an MVC application...” 8 Dec 2010

“'m playing with #Nuget and the public #Facebook MVC package, very slick. I'm surprised there are so many packages available already!” 7 Dec 2010

“Created a internal NuGet repository. Works like a charm” 7 Dec 2010

“had not installed NuGet, just did... let the goodness come down from the cloud.” 6 Dec 2010

“#powershell and #nuget lots of possibilities” 6 Dec 2010

“Adding 3rd party library references made easy by #NuGet & its COOL!” 6 Dec 2010

“#NuGet is apt-get/gem install for Visual Studio: awesome” 5 Dec 2010

“When looking for an open source library to use in .NET, I now turn to #NuGet first instead of a search engine...” 5 Dec 2010

“OK NuGet is bloody awesome.” 5 Dec 2010

“Just got #nuget up and running to distribute internal libraries at work. Very helpful.” 4 Dec 2010

“#NuGet is pretty cool! Finally dont have to bother with setting up 3rd party libraries and their dependencies” 3 Dec 2010

“I <3 #NuGet, one of the best things we've released on the web platform ever” 2 Dec 2010

“#nuget looks very straight forward. That is a sigh of relief” 1 Dec 2010

“ mvc elmha logging added to a site and tracking with db in under 5 mins. With authentication .. #Nuget installed is a god send” 1 Dec 2010

“NuGet rocks. Period.” 30 Nov 2010

“getting in love with #NuGet” 27 Nov 2010

“#nuget Looks pretty sweet. Think I gonna use it for my fluent nhibernate demo” 25 Nov 2010

“just watched the #nuget video at - I'm hooked!” 24 Nov 2010

“Realmente, #NuGet é rocks” 24 Nov 2010

“Wow, #nuget is really nice and amazingly simple! So much easier than - download, unzip, xcopy, config - pattern...” 24 Nov 2010

“And He said: 'Let the packages under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the 'zen' appear' And it was so. #nuget” 24 Nov 2010

“The only bad thing I can say about #nuget is why did you take so long to get this project rolling!” 24 Nov 2010

“if you're not using #NuGet at this point... you're doing it wrong! #somuchwin #ms” 24 Nov 2010

“I am addicted to #NuGet !!! I am looking for everything inside Package Manager Console by typing list-package :(” 24 Nov 2010

“#NuGet package manager 4 .NET has just nuked the last plausable excuse 2 still b employed as a Java programmer! ;-p ” 24 Nov 2010

“Seriously #nuget is really slick. Impressed!!” 23 Nov 2010

“I must say NuGet is Awesome. "install-package SQLCE.EntityFramework" f*** yeah!” 23 Nov 2010

“After seeing command line completion for #NuGet for selecting packages to install, I was sold.” 23 Nov 2010

“#NuGet is pretty damn cool. Just added MSpec, Windsor, RhinoMocks and AutoPoco to my project in no time.” 23 Nov 2010

“Using NuGet, EF4 CTP, and Codefirst. ASP.NET MVC has come a long way. #backonthedarkside” 23 Nov 2010

“Initial thoughts on #NuGet: awesome, reduces painful .NET-friction, closing the gap to Rails/Django, finally, thanks!” 23 Nov 2010

“OK #nuget is also *very* cool. Visual Studio integrated package management! Added HtmlAgilityPack in no time at all. Too sweet!” 21 Nov 2010

“Na boa... #NuGet/#NuPack é brutal!!! Quero arrumar tempo para colaborar com o projeto!” 19 Nov 2010

“Really liking the potential of #nuget, I know the controversy but it seems like a strong product.” 19 Nov 2010

“#NuPack is pretty awesome” 19 Nov 2010

“NuGet is awesome” 19 Nov 2010

“start to love #nuget (aka #nupack).... installing some nice apis right out of #VS2010 no version hunting on codeplex anymore!” 19 Nov 2010

“I love me some NuGet (aka NuPack): #nupack #nuget #installation #hugetimesaver” 17 Nov 2010

“First day with #nuget. First experience is really nice. Installed --> works” 17 Nov 2010

“NuGet (formerly NuPack) . Look good for me!” 17 Nov 2010

“I'm really liking NuGet - The Open Source Packet manager for VS 2010. Installed and setup ELMAH with 1 click” 15 Nov 2010

“enjoying #NuGet delights, (or how I got rid of tracking references)” 15 Nov 2010

“Just installed #elmah w/ #NuGet. I'm impressed how easy this was! Looking forward to the final release of #MVC3” 15 Nov 2010

“I think #nuget will change .NET quite significantly - takes a second to bring any open source lib into you source control and start using it” 13 Nov 2010

“Package manaement in webmatrix is actually #nuget , I am love this stuff more and more.” 13 Nov 2010

“I <3 #NuGet” 12 Nov 2010

“oh-my-god. I'm already in love with #nupack” 12 Nov 2010

“Finally got around to using #NuGet, kudos to the developers on this project #NuGetRocks” 11 Nov 2010

“Nice Razor additions to #MVC3. And #NuPack is now #NuGet Nice and easy package install/uninstall/udpate!” 11 Nov 2010

“#NuGet and #@Razor for MVC3 very cool” 9 Nov 2010

“Oh my God... #NuGet is brilliant! It's like... jump start kickin', sudo bashing your VS.NET projects.” 9 Nov 2010

“Just tried NuGet (née Pack) for the first time. Pretty slick. Been waiting on this one for a while.” 3 Nov 2010

“Tried creating a spike project today. bummed I have to go find and add a ref to nunit. Then remembered I had #nuget so simple and easy now.” 3 Nov 2010

“#NuGet is awesome so far!” 3 Nov 2010

“#NuGet first impression - very cool. Pulled down NUnit via GUI. Easy! ” 2 Nov 2010

“Ok, how did I just now learn about NuPack (NuGet)? So much win...” 2 Nov 2010

“#nuget is awesome....” 1 Nov 2010

“#Nupack é fantástico!!!” 1 Nov 2010

“Spun up a new project with a number of dependencies in no time... thanks #NuPack” 29 Oct 2010

“Getting my hands dirty with nupack. Loving it so far” 28 Oct 2010

“Cannot get enough of #nupack” 28 Oct 2010

“Holy crap, NuPack for ASP.NET #mvc3 is amazing. And I haven't even looked into the other aspects of MVC3 yet.” 28 Oct 2010

“Just started using NuPack. The VS extension surely makes it easy! Impressed so far.” 28 Oct 2010

“Did I eva mention NuPack is awesome¡¿” 27 Oct 2010

“I like looking through the list of packages already uploaded to NuPack, I keep finding cool new open source projects I haven't seen before.” 27 Oct 2010

“Just used the project formerly known as #nupack for the first time. I already love this project.” 26 Oct 2010

“Demoed #nupack to team. Showed how to use it, how to create packages and feeds. Love when I can finish with "Really, that's it."” 26 Oct 2010

“Get-Package Ninject \n Get-Package Ninject.MVC3 \n Pure awesomeness added to "My beloved project" #nupack” 26 Oct 2010

“#nupack is really cool. even nicer than I expected” 25 Oct 2010

“Really enjoying #NuPack/#NuGet” 25 Oct 2010

“NuPack – Open Source Package Manager for .NET - a great tool!!” 24 Oct 2010

“Just spent the last hour adding packages I've never heard of to new projects just for the fun of it. I <3 #nupack” 22 Oct 2010

“Set up a new test project in a matter of seconds. Add-Package NUnit; Add-Package Should. Love it.” 22 Oct 2010

“NuPack is pretty damn awesomesauce” 22 Oct 2010

“#nupack is my new favorite toy - makes life a lot easier” 22 Oct 2010

“after playing with Nupack tonight I am officially sold. THIS is how you get package mgmt into visual studio” 20 Oct 2010

“I love #NuPack. I just created a scratch project to keep everything in so I don't screw with production code. Way easier than manual dl” 20 Oct 2010

“finally looked into #NuPack.... what a time saver for .Net developers!” 20 Oct 2010

“#NuPack is the bomb! How did I not know about this?” 10 Oct 2010

“#nupack é lindo! mão na roda!” 19 Oct 2010

“Just used me some NuPack to add packages to a new project. It "just worked." Epic win! Easiest addition of nUnit ever.” 19 Oct 2010

“Finally got around to playing with nupack... And now I am mad I didn't do this sooner.Love it!” 17 Oct 2010

“'ll rate #Nupack as one of the best ideas in this decade ;)” 15 Oct 2010

“IMO #nupack is looking better and better. Don't like it? Help change it, contribute!” 15 Oct 2010

“Took a bit of time this monring and tried out NuPack, was really impressed by it. Can't wait to use it and learn more about it.” 15 Oct 2010

“#NuPack is taking the Visual Studio world by storm! Finally!! It's the dawn of a new era! #CRIKEY !” 15 Oct 2010

“#nupack is pretty cool get it at #codeplex” 14 Oct 2010

“OMG!!!! NuPack is AWESOME!” 14 Oct 2010

“Added a #NuPack package for #FakeItEasy. I think I'm gonna go home and write a song for NuPack. I'm in love” 14 Oct 2010

“Happily creating NuPack packages for some of my libraries. Its so easy. I love it” 13 Oct 2010

“Didn't expect to enjoy NuPack as much, but it is really convenient! Nice work to MS on including it” 12 Oct 2010

“Demoed #nupack today to some clients. I think it's going to take away a lot of the fear of open source libs, Very exciting!” 12 Oct 2010

“Wow, NuPack is awesome!” 11 Oct 2010

“It strikes me that #nupack is a little bit like gems, but in a totally contained-within-each-project way. I like that.” 11 Oct 2010

“#nupack is going to radically change OSS in .NET. Long overdue, but I'm very happy it's here” 11 Oct 2010

“I just took a peek at the #nupack tools extension for Visual Studio and am honestly blown away...” 11 Oct 2010

“NuPack rocks! Try it out yourself” 10 Oct 2010

“ClientDependency via NuPack = Awesome!” 9 Oct 2010

“don't really care what the nae-sayers are bumping their gums about but NuPack solves the .net pkg mgt prob quite nicely for me.” 9 Oct 2010

“#NuPack packages are like Pokémon, you are not cool until you have them all” 9 Oct 2010

“Just how cool is #nupack !!” 9 Oct 2010

“NuPack, like Ruby Gem for .Net . Awesome!!” 8 Oct 2010

“All I can say is, it's about time” 8 Oct 2010

“#Nu and now #NuPack has opened up a new way for me to discover open source projects” 8 Oct 2010

“#nupack looks like a great addition to the .NET platform” 7 Oct 2010

“The MS web stack keeps getting better and better: #nupack, ASP.NET MVC3, Razer… exciting times!” 6 Oct 2010

“Kind of pumped for this #NuPac .net open source package manger and the potential behind it” 6 Oct 2010

“NUPACK..... just blew my mind” 6 Oct 2010

“#NuPack works great using the console. Intellisense in a PowerShell window in Visual Studio 2010 = Total awesomeness. #GeekLove” 6 Oct 2010

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