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Problem Statement

Currently, NuGet uses OData queries for its internal search needs. This has benefits in that the client can create new types of ad-hoc searches without requiring changes to the server. The downside is that for simple searches, the URL looks like this:$filter=(((Id%20ne%20null)%20and%20substringof('foo',tolower(Id)))%20or%20((Description%20ne%20null)%20and%20substringof('foo',tolower(Description))))%20or%20((Tags%20ne%20null)%20and%20substringof('%20foo%20',tolower(Tags)))&$orderby=DownloadCount%20desc,Id&$skip=0&$top=30

That’s just for a search of the string “foo”. A lot of the post search filtering still happens on the client side.

Here's an example of checking for updates which requires multiple requests:

GET /v1/FeedService.svc/Packages()?$filter=(((((((((tolower(Id)%20eq%20'blogml')%20or%20(tolower(Id)%20eq%20'dotnetopenauth'))%20or%20(tolower(Id)%20eq%20'dotnetzip'))%20or%20(tolower(Id)%20eq%20'httpmodulemagic'))%20or%20(tolower(Id)%20eq%20'jayrock-json'))%20or%20(tolower(Id)%20eq%20'jayrock'))%20or%20(tolower(Id)%20eq%20'log4net'))%20or%20(tolower(Id)%20eq%20'lucene'))%20or%20(tolower(Id)%20eq%20'ninject'))%20or%20(tolower(Id)%20eq%20'ninject.mvc3')&$orderby=Id&$skip=0&$top=90 HTTP/1.1


We should look into whether we can have specific methods on the server that still return the same objects that the OData endpoints do, such as an IQueryable<Package>.

Is it possible to add methods to an OData service?

There are two types of searches we’ve identified so far:

  • Package Search (As we do in the dialog)
  • Package Id Search for Intellisense (Just returns package IDs)


OData Service Methods

public IQueryable<IPackage> Search(string searchTerm, string targetFramework, bool latestVersionOnly); // Search
public IEnumerable<string> GetPackageIdsStartingWith(string searchTerm); // Intellisense
public IDictionary<string, object> GetCapabilities();
public IQueryable<IPackage> GetUpdates(string installedPackages);
IEnumerable<IPackage> GetPackagesByTags(string tags, bool latestVersionOnly);


  • NuGet 1.5: Only implement the Search method.
  • NuGet > 1.5: Implement the others.
  • GetStatistics is a loosely typed dictionary so we can add statistics without having to recompile the client.
  • We need service methods for scenarios where we may want to change the behavior on the server without changing the client.
    • GetPackageVersionsForId is not necessary because it is unlikely to ever change.
  • New clients attempting to call old servers will return a 404. Client should fallback to old behavior.
  • Old clients calling new server will simply use the old way.
  • OData Service methods don’t allow passing complex objects. We’ll need to use a a formatted string (Pipe delimited using colon to separate package id and versions as in “Iesi.Collections:|log4net:1.2.10|NHibernate:”) for the list of installed packages and list of tags.

Open Questions

  • Are there other parameters we need to the Search method.
    • For example, how would we filter out chocolatey packages from places where it doesn't make sense (aka ASP.NET Web Pages and Visual Studio)?
    • How do we filter out tools packages from ASP.NET Web Pages?
  • How do we represent the target project type and target framework? At some point we may want to filter packages based on those things.
  • On the other hand, perhaps we need a syntax that’s completely embodied in the search term. For example “Elmah projectType:ClassLib targetFX:Net40”
  • Any other considerations to think about?

For Later

public IEnumerable<string> GetPackageVersionsForId(string id); // Version intellisense. We can use OData
public PackageSourceStatistics GetStatistics(); 
public PackageStatistics GetStatistics(string packageId);
public string GetApiKey(string username, password); // Requires SSL

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