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Package Release Notes

When viewing a list of package updates, developers want to see what’s new/changed in the updated release before choosing to upgrade. This feature will enable that.


The new <releaseNotes> field within the NuSpec <metadata> section is used to hold this content. It holds text much like the <description> field.

OData Feed

The OData feed must be updated to add a property for the Release Notes much in the same way the Description is exposed.


The only change to the Manage NuGet Packages dialog is that the contents of the <releaseNotes> is displayed in place of the description in the right hand description pane when the Updates tab is selected.


Powershell Script Changes

When listing updates:

PM> Get-Package –Updates

The result should show release notes instead of the description:

Id                  Version   Release Notes
--                  -------   -----------
jQuery              1.6.2     jQuery is a new kind of JavaScript Library....
jQuery.Validation   1.8.1     This jQuery plugin makes simple clientside form va...
jQuery.vsdoc        1.6       vsdoc files for Visual Studio IntelliSense are now...
Modernizr           2.0.6     Modernizr adds classes to the &lt;html&gt; element...

No other changes to PS scripts should be required.

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