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Self Update Check

Ideally, when a user launches NuGet, NuGet itself will check the VS Extension Gallery to see if there’s a new version available and provide a more noticeable upgrade notice as in the mock-up below.


  • We'll check the VS gallery via their API anytime an online operation occurs.
  • Clicking the link will take user to VS Extension Manager with NuGet Upgrade selected.
  • Upgrade-NuGet command is still a TBD. Ideally it would do the same thing as clicking the dialog link.

Open Question: can we have a button or link that upgrades NuGet?


The Package Manager Console would display a message on start-up (Open question: Can we have our own command that upgrades NuGet?).



We’ll add a setting to turn this update check off. We would ideally have it on by default.

Open questions

Are there privacy implications we need to consider? Phil to follow-up on this.

  • Mitigation: Do it when you click the online tab.
  • Mitigation: Do it when any operation would hit the feed already (put the recommended NuGet version in the OData request header)

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