New features in NuGet Package Explorer beta 1


  1. In addition to opening a local package file, you can now open a package directly from the official NuGet feed. Just click on menu File – Open from NuGet Feed. From the Select package dialog, you can select the package you want to explore. You can also search for it using the search box or navigating through the pages.

    Select package dialog

  2. You can now edit the metadata of the current package via the menu Edit – Edit Package Metadata. Notice that inside the Dependencies section, you can click on the button to the left  of the textbox to pick a package from the live NuGet feed. It will add the selected package to the dependency list of the current package. When you’re done editing the metadata, you can save it by clicking File – Save or File – Save As menu items.

    Edit Package Metadata view

  3. The Package contents panel now provides more information and visual hints on the content files. If the package provides framework-specific folders for the referenced assemblies, the lib node will show the full target framework name next to folder name.

    Lib node show full target framework name

  4. The tools node will show a script icon next to the install.ps1, uninstall.ps1 and init.ps1 files. These are special files that will be executed by NuGet when the package is installed and uninstalled.

    tools node show script icon next to init.ps1 and install.ps1

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