Nuget native library package creation - What are the current activities

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Apr 16, 2015 at 5:34 PM

we are using Nuget in our Company for C# Projects.

Now we are going to move to migrate our C++ Libraries from ClearCase to TFS and we want to use Nuget for those projects as our package management system.

I could use CoApp to create the Native Packages. But as I saw on thread at CoApp following statement from Garrett Serack:

Garrett Serack Mod Yodan Tauber • a year ago
You're talking about library package creation, and that'll be the last thing in CoApp -- I'm working with the NuGet team alot on mainlining all the features of CoApp-built native packages (believe it or not, we're going to use this internally for building windows too!).
Once they've implemented the infrastructure in NuGet itself, I'll make sure there is a zero-effort conversion available.
For the most part, they are following the patterns that I set down, with a few improvements to support some of the Building Windows Itself cases..

My Question:

I could not find any hints at about this activities. Could you please give me more clarity what efforts are going on in this subject?
Is there a roadmap for integrating the native Library package creation in nuget? Some official Hints at the nuget Homepage would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.