nuget package for windows runtime component

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Jan 29, 2015 at 2:07 AM
I build a nuget package for VC++ Runtime Component for my Windows Phone 8.1 App, but I found I only can install the package for VC++ Windows Phone App, not for the C# Windows Phone App. When I build the nuget pacakge, I added the .dll and .winmd file.

I create a solution contains two projects: one is a VC++ Windows Phone 8.1 app, another is C# Windows Phone 8.1 app, then I installed the uploaded nuget package build in VC++ Runtime Component: HSM.Mobility.Printing from NuGet Packages Manager, There is a wrong for C# project, but successed for VC++ app. then, I add the reference manually from local disk for C# project, it works.

Does anyone knows why?