Former and current versions of PCL package with same framework target list behave entirely differently when adding to a XAMARIN project

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Jan 23, 2015 at 2:47 AM
I am one of the maintainers of the Common.Logging project. One of our packages, Common.Logging.Core ( is a PCL package with a stated target framework list in its .nuspec file as follows:
A user is able to add the former version of the package (v 2.2.0) to their XAMARIN project without issue. However, when attempting to add the latest version (3.0.0) they receive the error identified in the screenshot in the following comment:

Both Common.Logging.Core v 2.2.0 (which works) and v 3.0.0 (which fails with the identified error message) declare an identical list of PCL targets that they support (in fact, their .nuspec files themselves are identical, except for their version value).

Does anyone have any idea what might be going on here --? I can find no reason for the NuGet client accepting the PCL target list as being compatible for the 2.2.0 package and yet rejecting it for the 3.0.0 package. FWIW, further discussion of this user's issue is here

Thanks in advance for any insights ...!