Update-package -reinstall no longer working

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Jan 5, 2015 at 4:24 PM

This is an odd one as this was working fine. I have a VS2013 Update 3 install with Visual Studio Online (TFS).

If I have changed a package, but kept its version the same (i.e. during rapid prototyping) I used to be able to perform:

update-package [PackageName] -reinstall -ignoredependencies

and NuGet would uninstall the existing package, checkout in TFS, download the new package and then reinstall in all my projects.

Now what happens is that the package is uninstalled, and then reinstalled but the new package is never downloaded or checked out of TFS. I've confirmed that by package file in the correct library source is different as I've pulled the DLL's out directly and checked the IL in them. When I manually "patch" the packages lib folder with these are correctly picked up as changes by TFS.

Has something changes recently to break this functionality?