Nuget packages are not uninstalled properly in VS 2010

Topics: General
Dec 18, 2014 at 4:07 AM

I have created 3 Nuget packages. One package is dependency of other two Nuget packages. Once I install the 3 packages in my project it installed and working fine. If I uninstall the nuget from my VS2010 project it will throw the below messages.

Access to the path <packageslocation>\AssemlyName40\lib\net40\AssemblyName.dll is denied.

It uninstalled from the project correctly. But the packages dlls are not removed from the package installed location.

Note: This issue not occurred in VS2012,VS2013 projects.

If the assembly is presented in GAC location this error occurred in Visual Studio 2010. If not its not reproducing VS2010 also.