best practices question

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Aug 18, 2014 at 7:44 PM
I've been using nuget for several years through Visual Studio. But I am just now trying to create my on packages. I've read through the docs and I'm finding it pretty straightforward so far. My issue is, I'd like some advice on a "best practice" design for my particular solution...
  1. I have a library of code that I use for several projects. For simplicity, say I have one solution in VS called "Utilities".
  2. In that solution, I have a project called "FileHelpers" which is just a library of common functions I use for file I/O. The FileHelpers project references a handful of 3rd party nuget packages, but otherwise has no dependencies.
  3. In the same solution, I have a project called "LogManagement" which depends on FileHelpers and may also reference some 3rd party nuget packages.
  4. My goal is to create my own private nuget package source that I would store locally.
Now, let's say I want to create a completely new solution for a client. Depending on the project requirements, I want to be able to include both LogManagement and FileHelpers, or just FileHelpers if LogManagement is not needed.

There just seem to be a lot of moving parts here that I'm trying to reconcile. If someone could help me figure out a good solution structure and build process, that would be a huge help.