Updating packages often = too much changes in csproj files

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Aug 4, 2014 at 2:16 PM
Edited Aug 5, 2014 at 8:40 AM
I am using NuGet packages to distribute shared parts of our system. The problem is that the shared parts are evolving quite quickly and developers who are using them on their projects need to open the package manager and click on update button regularly to have the latest code. The problem is that we need to copy some tools which are inside the package into the output folder so we have the install and uninstall scripts which are editing the prebuild events in csproj file. So with every update there is lots of changes in csproj file because the newer version of dependency is downloaded to different folder (folders contain the version numbers). Because of these changes we have merging issues and sometimes build is broken because of this.

Is it possible to remove the version numbers from the package folders?

In the source code there is just the constructor argument which is doing this:
new DefaultPackagePathResolver(fs, useSideBySidePaths: false)
Also the console application has flag ExcludeVersion which is doing this. But I am not able to find any way how to set this for the Visual Studio extension GUI. I need to use the VS extension to have access to the DTE objects to be able to add prebuild events and other stuff when package is installed. As far as I know the console app is not able to manipulate with projects.

Or is there any other way how to update packages without so many changes in csproj file? Is it possible to just change the number in the packages.config to use different version?