Web.config and _NuGet_ properties

Topics: General
Jul 7, 2014 at 2:49 PM
I'm working with a project that creates a DLL who's file name includes the version number of the library. NuGet packs the library nicely and transforms the .nuspec file appropriately so when I install the package the library is properly referenced.

However, I also need to reference the DLL in the web.config. Is there any option, in NuGet's pack process, that will allow token replacement of other files similar to the token replacement available in the .nuspec file?

I am familiar with various web.config/source code transformations and I know they both allow for token replacement, but it appears these replacements are limited to ONLY the project properties of the target project (which makes sense) and the NuGet properties (either pulled from a project file or specified via the -properties option) are not available during token replacement.

Am I missing an option somewhere?