NuGet Publishing to Network shared drive and source symbol

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Jun 16, 2014 at 4:42 PM

I am using Visual studio 2013 with NuGet. As a part of project I want to create NuGet package which should be copy/publish to network shared drive. I am publishing both regular package and symbol package. But when I try to debug this assembly it is not loading symbol package for debug purpose. Am I missing any thing.

Following steps I am performing

1) Build Assembly "MyAssembly.dll" using VS2013

2) On Build I am using

"NuGet Pack $(ProjectDir)$(ProjectFileName) -Prop Configuration=Release -Symbols -OutputDirectory $(SolutionDir)OutputPackages"

to pack this assembly as part of package

3) Now I want to publish both these packages to Network share drive. When I use "NuGet Push " command it is giving error.

So is it possible "NuGet Push" is not designed to push on network shared drive ???

So I am using Xcopy to copy these packages to copy to network shared drive

xcopy /D /C /R /Y $(SolutionDir)OutputPackages\MyAssembly. \SharedPC1\NuGet\lib
xcopy /D /C /R /Y $(SolutionDir)OutputPackages\MyAssembly. \SharedPC1NuGet\pdb\public\lib\

4) Now when I install "MyAssembly." in another package I was expecting to load symbols during debug.

So am I missing any thing