DI/iOC UnReferenced Libraries

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May 29, 2014 at 4:00 PM
I have spent hours researching this and before concluding there is no current solution I wanted to make sure I posted here and had the people smarter than me confirm my assumptions. We use of many patterns the Adapter pattern which loads different data communication methods via adapters via Unity at execution time. So if one data element comes from a service and another come from a database, the applications are unaware of the source and changes in the source.
It appears based on my research, that there currently is no way to create Nuget Packages for these unreferenced adapter libraries? Am I correct here?
To clarify, if an application needs a service adapter and a database adapter, they can just reference the appropriate two Nuget packages on our internal server and the libraries will be placed in the correct configuration folder for that build - Debug\bin, Release\bin, etc. so that when updates to that adapter occur the developer gets the updates and doesn't have to worry about other potentially associated libraries for that adapter.