Nuget issues with big solutions

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May 16, 2014 at 9:11 AM

we plan to use nuget for our products. The solutions for the products can be pretty big ( up to 100 projects) .

The first problem is , that if we want to change the AllowedVersion for a dependency, we have to do this in all projects manually that that are using this dependency. Furthermore it is very error prone to keep all AllowedVersions of an dependency in all projects in sync.

The second problem is, that we don't want to use the version of an component in the path, because we experienced that causes a lot of problems ( e.g. a)nuget fails to update the paths in some cases b) the buildserver (jenkins) should always use the last versions for CI without having to change the paths in the project-files)

To fix this issues, we have the idea to completely decouple nuget from the projects:
The idea is to have a single packages.config in the soution folder, which contains a AllowedVersion for each package.
Then we want to use nuget.exe to update all the packages, without having the version in the path.

But unfortunately nuget.exe seems to have no command, which respects both, the "ExcludeVersion"-option and the AllowedVersion of a package.
We investigated the source code and we discovered, that it is relatively easy to achive that, if the restore command would respect the ExcludeVersion-option ( which can be done with just a few lines of code, but then we would have to create our own version of nuget)

Therefore I wanted to ask:
a) Is it planned to add ExcludeVersion support for restore ?
b) Or is there another way to used nuget with AllowedVersions-restriction AND ExcludeVersion-option ?