IVsPackageInstaller Nuget Services returning Missing method exception

Topics: Ecosystem, General
May 7, 2014 at 12:50 AM
We have created a VS project template with an IWizard implementation. The IWizard interface Imports the IVsPackageInstaller services from MEF and on ProjectFinishedGenerating Method, we use the IVsPackageInstaller.InstallPackage(IPackageRepository repository, Project project, string packageId, string version, bool ignoreDependencies, bool skipAssemblyReferences); method to install the package we want with the correct version.

This was working fine for almost a year now until the latest release 2.8.1. We consume the Nuget.Visual Studio package for the IWizard assembly. With every release we had to rebuild the Iwizard assembly to make sure it works with the current/latest version of Nuget Package manager. This was a minor inconvenience which was ok. If we didn't rebuild the IWizard assembly we would get the missing method exception.

Now even after updating both the "nuget.visualstudio" package and the nuget package manager to 2.8.1, we still get the Missing method exception. Not sure where the problem is. The version of Nuget.VisualStudio.dll and Nuget.Core.dll from nuget package is 2.8.50320.36 and the version of package manager on VS says 2.8.50313.31.

You guys have any idea what is happening? The combination of 2.8.0 nuget package manager and nuget assemblies still work correctly.

Thanks in advance for your replies.