Question about the goals of the Command Line Interface

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Apr 24, 2014 at 4:18 PM
We are looking at using NuGet internally to replace dependencies being checked into our source control. This is prompted now as we are moving to Git and Git does not support this (Our old version control ClearCase did support it, though I was against it then too :-).
We have .Net dependencies which are fine, but we also have native dependencies. As such we are looking at using the command-line interface to push/update these native packages (Using CoApp In addition we are running builds using TeamCity and it can use the Command Line interface. This is especially important for our documentation builds that do not use Visual Studio.
Having used the CLI for a little while now I keep finding places where the CLI expects or even requires a VisualStudio solution or project file. Though I understand that updating dependencies in VisualStudio is a feature of NuGet, I am disappointed that I cannot turn this feature off in some cases. This leads me to question the goal of the command line interface? I assumed it was to support NuGet in environments where VisualStudio is not used. Is it rather for build automation?
Trying to understand the goals.

Pat O