Help with prerelease version workflow...

Topics: General
Mar 20, 2014 at 3:32 PM

In development we use pre-release versions
These are internal packages and for each release we want package clients to use the exact versions we built with and tested.

i.e. Package A was built with Package B 1.2-Dev and so the dependency is locked to that version.

Our build uses VS projects to generate packages.
However, nuget uses the project assembly version as the dependency version...
So we end up getting Package A 1.2-DEV depending on Package B 1.2 not Package B 1.2-DEV
(Package B 1.2 doesn't exist until a release occurs)

When packing is there a way to tell Nuget to append a pre-release tag to all versions?
Or some other fix for our workflow, other than unlocking versions?