Creating a NuGet package for a WinForms grid control that has a separate design-time DLL

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Mar 12, 2014 at 3:39 PM
We have a WinForms grid control called iGrid ( We'd like to wrap it into a NuGet package, but there is a problem.

The control implementation comprises two DLLs - one is the core functionality, and the other is the design-time part (to make it possible to use the control with the so called .NET Framework client profiles). The problem is that the latter DLL should be installed into a special location - such as the Visual Studio PrivateAssemblies folder to make the whole system work. As an alternative solution, it can be placed into an arbitrary folder on the hard drive, but in this case a special registry key must be created to allow the Windows Forms Designer to find the design-time DLL.

Maybe, it's a newbie question, but is there a way to create a NuGet package to install the design-time DLL properly? If the native NuGet functionality isn't enough for that, can we use PowerShell scripts or something else for that?