Build one package (and a symbols package) for entire solution of projects.

Topics: Ecosystem, General
Mar 5, 2014 at 12:56 AM
I have a Solution that has about 10 projects in it structured as noted below. I am trying to build one nuget package and a symbols package for this entire solution. What is the correct approach to handle this need? I can pretty easily build the actual NuGet package (it actually works), but am struggling with a symbols package and how to correctly include the source from all the projects in the correct format to be able to use the packages for symbol source server for debugging.

Solution Root
  • Domain (project)
  • Domain Entities (project)
  • Domain Events (project)
  • Infrastructure (project)
  • ...
Each of these projects may or may not have same class files (file name wise) in them. So I cant just copy all the *.cs files and drop them directly into the /src directory for the symbols package. How should they be structured so that the symbols package can correctly be consumed during a VS debugging session?