Deploying an nuget that supports both WPF, WinPhone and WinStore, but is cpu specific

Topics: Ecosystem
Feb 25, 2014 at 6:59 PM
I'm struggling a lot with figuring out how to do this more advanced nuget package.

This is the .NET references I need to add:
  • net45\AnyCPU\MyAssembly.dll
  • netcore45\x86\MyAssembly.dll
  • netcore45\x64\MyAssembly.dll
  • netcore45\ARM\MyAssembly.dll
  • windowsphone8\x86\MyAssembly.dll
  • windowsphone8\ARM\MyAssembly.dll
In addition I need to deploy the following content file for WinStore 4.5 during build (any cpu):
  • \Themes\Generic.xbf
  • \MyAssembly.pri
And the following just for designtime support
  • \Themes\Generic.xaml
Lastly I have .xml doc files for all of these that I have no clue where to put.

The first file is pretty straight forward, since I can just dump it in the lib\net45 folder and everything is fine.
Where it gets trickier is WinPhone and WinStore since these .NET references depends on the processor architecture.
ExtensionSDKs handles all this just fine, but I'm pretty confused how I accomplish WinPhone and especially WinStore in a NuGet scenario.
I saw a post talking about using install.ps1 for this here:
but the script is gibberish. Is there some good doc on how this works for this?