How to manage project level dependencies using Nuget

Topics: Ecosystem, General
Jan 29, 2014 at 9:26 PM

I need advise on how to use Nuget to make my project dependencies (libraries) available to other developers who will in turn have my project as dependency. See scenario below for details:

I have created a Visual Studio 2013 project (ProjA) in a solution (SolA) which has a dependency on a Library (LibA [which I do not commit into source control]). I have used Nuget to manage/fetch the dependencies of project ProjA (i.e. library LibA) via Nuget.Config in .nuget folder at solution SolA level and everything is working ok. Developers are able to checkout solution SolA and build/deploy with Nuget fetching LibA from a local server.

My issue is that I now need to have developers build their project (ProjB) in another solution (SolB) but which will import/use ProjA as a dependent project. Issue is that I cannot find a way to make Nuget fetch the dependencies of ProjA (i.e. LibA) when built as part of solution SolB. I tried putting the Nuget.Config File in the level of ProjA, but VS build seems to ignore it.

Any ideas????