How to decommission a duplicate package

Topics: General
Dec 13, 2013 at 9:18 PM
When there are two nearly identical packages, what is the best way to remove one, so as to keep the package repository clean for new users, but still give the best experience to the package's existing users?

Some ideas for what to do with the package to be removed:
  1. Just delete it. The downside is that users lose update notification.
  2. Create an update for it with an intentional update error. In the error message, instruct the user to remove the package and install the other one. This option is only viable if you can also exclude the package from repository search results.
  3. Remove all content from the package, but make it dependent on the other one.
This question applies to any redundant packages, but was prompted as part of a discussion about merging the packages FontAwesome and font-awesome.