package manager dialog tries to reslve and times out

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Nov 19, 2013 at 10:36 AM
I have a developmen environment that has no external internet connection, as susch I have created a local file based repository on a shared server on the dev network that myself and the team can use.
We have now all configured the package manager to use this repo, with the standard repor disabled, but not removed as visual studio will not allow this to be removed.
All works fine with packages configured and restoring successfully from the local repo.

whn I open the manage NuGet packages dialog, the retreival of packages appears to try to connect to an external repo and time out before successfully finding the local repo. Despite the confguration of the package manager suggesting that only the local repo is enabled. This results in a long delay (around 2 minutes) in being able to configure packages, and this delay occurs every time you change page in the manager.

It is very frustrating, and seems to be something that should not happen.

Does anyone now of a configuration change that I need to make to solve this, or is it a bug with NuGet??