Nuget Can't resolve packages with dependencies on earlier versions of the same package

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Oct 28, 2013 at 6:30 PM
It appears as though Nuget is unable to resolve dependencies in a package on an earlier version of the same package. The example I have been working with is with Adobe Acrobat Pro 11.0.0

What I need:
Newest version of Acrobat (11.0.05)

How to get it manually:
Install Acrobat Pro 11.0.0
Install update to 11.0.04
Install update to 11.0.05

Now the obvious way to do this (obvious to me I guess) is to make a package for each of the components, and make them dependent on the previous version. However, Nuget appears to consider this a circular dependency.
"Circular Dependency Detected - 'Acrobat 11.0.05 -> Acrobat 11.0.04'"

I can rename the packages AcrobatUpdate and AcrobatSecondUpdate, but this is counterintuitive, as you would never know which of these you should be installing, especially if you are using some automated tool, say, puppet to manage, which will automatically try to update to the latest.

Imagine after this Acrobat 11.1 comes out and it is a standalone install. You must go back to your scripts and remove the line telling the automation tool to install AcrobatSecondUpdate and change it to Acrobat.

This does not provide what I assume the intended functionality of nuget is. I'm not positive this should be considered a bug, nor am I sure this happens for everyone across the board. I wanted to put it out there for people to check and see if they get the same behavior and whether or not this is a bug.