New references and SpecificVersion

Topics: Ecosystem
Oct 15, 2013 at 10:27 PM

imagine there's a Silverlight5 project with reference to SilverlightToolkit.DataViz DLL added to a project by NuGet from unofficial sources. You have SLToolkit4, SL SDK4 and other SL stuff installed, the solution has package restore enabled.

You download and open the solution, the VS.NET resolves the path to DataViz DLL to previously installed SLToolkit4 (it can't find it in packages directory). Then you build the solution, all packages are downloaded, the path to DataViz is changed in csproj file but the reference is still pointing to DLL in Toolkit directory as not to the DLL extracted from the package.

With more complex dependencies (i.e. code using classes not in SL4 version of the DLL) the build fails. And you have to close and reopen the solution (not a big deal indeed).

My question is - should the references to the DLLs extracted from package be added with SpecificVersion set to true? Or is this by default and it helps to help to manage the "dependency hell"?

Thanks for any answer,