Nuget Update all hanging on Executing script file uninstall.ps1

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Oct 12, 2013 at 6:38 PM

I have an ASP.NET, MVC 4, Razor, C# Internet Application with JQuery 1.8.2 running and I was having a problem of getting an error that says "Unable to locate Method or Procedure 'dialog'.

After reading some posts on the internet, I found that some people resolved this issue by updating to latest version of jQuery, so I attempted that.

I went to Nuget in my solution and selected the Update All button.

It started updating and displayed hundreds of "Successfully removing", "Removing" and "Adding" messages and right now, the progress bar is still moving and the last message in the display is "Removing 'jQuery 1.8.2' from EmailView.
Executing script file 'C:\Users\Tony\VBProjects2012\EmailView\packages\jQuery.1.8.2\Tools\uninstall.ps1'.".

It has been like that for over an hour. It seems like it is doing something, because I can see my hard drive light flashing a lot.

Should I continue to let it go, or is it hung up?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.