Best way to add nuget packages as project references.

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Feb 21, 2013 at 10:00 AM
Ok. Really quick question, I'm probably just being thick.

If you right-click on a projects 'references' folder then 'Manage NuGet Packages' you can then install packages and they are automatically referenced by the project you clicked on. But then I want to add the same reference to other projects in the same solution. If you repeat previous but click on another project the only option is to uninstall the package (since it's already installed), what is the proper way to add an existing NuGet package as a project reference? Am I to add the reference using the normal dialog and 'browse' to the dll in the packages folder? Use one method to add the first reference then another for subsequent references? That doesn't seem right.

If anyone cares about my two cents I think the only options should be add/remove NuGet reference at the project level, with the package management side of things happening invisibly. Also 'Allow NuGet to get project references during build' should definitely be ON by default. It's like there's this fantastic new feature that means you don't have to install and setup dependencies for your team, only you have to install and set up the feature for each member of your team. Perhaps I'm missing the bigger picture here.... discuss.