The target "_DownloadNuGet" does not exist in the project.

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Feb 7, 2013 at 5:51 PM
VS 2012 Update 1
nuget 2.2
Windows 7 x64.

I did a "Manage nuget packages for solution" and added 2 packages to one project out of 8 in the solution.
I did a Enable Package Restore
I set the check box in options to opt-in to the download for the restore
I even added
    <add key="enabled" value="true" />
to the nuget.config file as it was not there (same results with and without)

If I do a REBUILD, the error appears. If I do build after that there is no error. If I wipe out the packages folder, I have to do a rebuild, followed by 2 builds before all packages arrive and the build works correctly.

There is a _DownloadNuGet target in the NuGet.targets file in the .netget folder in the solution, so I do not know why it is unhappy
Jul 12, 2013 at 6:23 PM
I'm seeing the same thing. I updated by NuGet.targets file to one generated in a new solution and now I'm seeing this error. VS2012 Update 3, NuGet 2.6, Windows 8 x64.