Filter package content based on project language type

Topics: General
Aug 8, 2012 at 2:25 AM


I have a package which include code files for both CSharp and VB project.

The code files contain tokens that need to be replaced during installation.

For now, NuGet cannot filter the code file for me according to the target project's language, so I need to delete the wrong code file using powershell script, which works but it is not an elegant solution.

THe other solution will be add the file in package but out of the content folder, and add the correct code file in install.ps1 and do token replacement myself. This also includes a lot of work and hard to code to cover all cases.

I have an idea that is that possible NuGet could provide user a change to filter the package content BEFORE the package content is pulled into the target project? Just like the install.ps1, we can have a filter.ps1 e.g. and pass in the file list of package so user can do some manipulation on the package content.