Prerelease versions cannot resolve dependents that are prerelease versions on nuget pack

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May 22, 2012 at 11:50 PM

So we have two packages, both are prerelease, A 1.0-pre depends on B 1.0-pre. This works fine until we try to package project C 1.0-pre. When we do this nuget can't resolve B 1.0-pre (which manifests a circular reference error, see my other posts).

I've traced this down to the Walker class in ProjectFactory.cs - it forces AllowPrereleaseVersions to false, which means the dependency can't be resolved. Altering this to pass down true works, but I'm not sure this is correct.

My personal feeling is that if a dependency requires a prerelease then it should be resolved on package - the release version can't depend on prerelease constraint is enforced elsewhere.