Force host to reload a package

Topics: General
May 7, 2012 at 2:11 AM

I'm working on a NuGet package which adds a few commands to the powershell console.  My basic workflow at the moment is 

  1. Update the script 
  2. Build a new package
  3. Deploy it to my private packages directory 
  4. Load it into the Powershell window 
  5. Test it out

The problem I'm hitting is at step #4.  The only way I can find to force the powershell host to reload my package is to 

  • Close Visual Studio
  • Nuke the entry in my packages directory
  • Reopen Visual Studio
  • Hit the Restore button that pops up on the Powershell console

I realize I could actually make this easier on myself by always releasing a package with a new version number.  However I don't want to use a new version for every test of my bug fixes (definitely will do when publishing). 

Is there an easy way to force the powershell host to reload a package even if it's of the same version? Or is there just an easier way to test out scripts that I'm missing