Assembly Binding Redirection on Silverlight

Feb 2, 2012 at 8:17 PM

Many of the packages on NuGet are strongly signed; this is no problem if you just use Assembly Binding Redirection, but how do we do this on Silverlight (web and phone)?

I saw the post from David Ebbo ( about how NuGet does Assembly Binding Redirection, but I don't think this works on Silverlight because (AFAIK) there is no .config file on this platform...

So I ask: how can we use the strongly signed assemblies that some NuGet packages use (like Silverlight Toolkit,, RavenDB, ...) on Silverlight, without issues?

Just to show you how big an issue this is, just check this thread on RestSharp:

Thanks in advance for all you help, best regards,

Pedro Lamas

Feb 2, 2012 at 8:24 PM

Note that it's not the NuGet packages that are strongly named, but some of the assemblies that they contain. NuGet is just a way to easily get those assemblies into projects, but it does not fundamentally affect the nature of those assemblies.

So the question really becomes: how to deal with version conflicts in strongly named assemblies, independently of NuGet. Normally, binding redirects are the way to go. But if Silverlight doesn't support that, then I'm not sure what can be done there.

There were some early talks of automatically rewriting assemblies with a different strong name (or none at all) to avoid conflicts, but that's fairly tricky business and we never went in that direction.

Maybe others that are more familiar with Silverlight can comment further?