Problem: Sample Dependency created when auto-building nuspec

Sep 12, 2011 at 4:42 PM
I have the following commands in the post-build event of my VS project to automatically create my .nuspec file, then create my .nupkg file, and then post it to our local repository:
nuget spec $(ProjectName)
move "$(TargetDir)$(ProjectName).nuspec" "$(ProjectDir)"
nuget pack "$(ProjectDir)$(ProjectName).nuspec" -OutputDirectory $(ProjectDir)
move "$(ProjectDir)$(ProjectName).1.0.nupkg" <destination>
This works great, creates my .nuspec in my bin directory, I move it to the project level, and then create (pack) my nuget package, and then move it to our local repository.
However, when I create my nuspec this way, it automatically enters the following "extra" lines of code into my .nuspec file (regardless of whether it is the first-time build or not):
      <dependency id="SampleDependency" version="1.0" />
This causes problems when I then try and pull this package into another project, as it states that I do not have the dependent package already installed.
What is very odd though, is that if I run nuget spec from the command-line in the project directory ... it does NOT create the <dependencies> tags in the .nuspec file.
So, my question is ... why does running "nuget spec" automatically in the post-build event create the <dependencies> tag, and running it manually from the command-line not?
And how do I get around this? I do not want to have the <dependenies> tags unless they are actually relevant.
Any thanks would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.