Bug in Nuget.exe? Inconsistient state of packages folder

Jun 21, 2011 at 8:16 PM

In our company we've created build system with a help of Nuget (and Gallery Server, Orchard and Orchard Gallery) as a dependency management tool. I would like to say its great tool andcannot look forward for August when CI aspect of it will be expanded :) However, sometimes I can see strange nuget command line behaviour. When our package server is heavy loaded the command:
> Nuget.exe install <package> -ExcludeVersion -o <dependencyFolder>

is failng (probably) to install package leaving folder in inconsistient stateL

     | -- packageFolder
     |---- lib <- contains assemblies in older version  
     |---- package.nupkg <- contains package in newer version

After that, Nuget always reports that given package is up to date because it only scans package file and does not use any other verification methods.
I'm not sure what cause this state but it is rather often in our development environment. Any suggestions what may cause that ?