Repackage Microsoft Libraries for consumption on my Local Feed server

Mar 31, 2011 at 6:15 PM

We have several projects that use the Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary... libraries that we have them versioned throughout our source code repository.  This is the type of reference I would hope to find in the NuGet repository, but was unable to locate it for consumption.  I pulled down the latest version 5.0 from microsoft and it build from source and hecne have the libraries available.  There are some 2 dozen+ libraries in this "package".  When I look at our code base, I typically see only a few of these libraries referenced under the consuming projects.  I considered repackaging these libraries and making them available on our local feed server so our developers can consume. Also, we have some common librbayies that use some of these libraries as a dependency so I thought of setting this package up as a dependecny for our consumable asstes. 

Should I bundle the whole 2 dozen+ and make it locally available on our feed server in which case it seems I would have a lot of references that I may not needed in the project, or let developers add the references one at a time as they require?  I'd like to hear peoples thoughts on how to best repackage and make some of these assets available for consumption that are not available via the NuGet Master Feed/package source.


Thanks, Eric